The Historic Center of Puerto Vallarta: new Cultural Heritage that you must visit


A hundred years of history keeps the Historic Center of Puerto Vallarta that makes us fall in love with its spectacular sunsets where you can see the Pacific coast. It is for this reason that last year was declared by the Secretary of Culture of the State of Jalisco as Cultural Heritage. On the other hand, the Sayula cajeta received the category of Intangible Cultural Heritage due to the traditional elaboration process of this dulce de leche, according to the official State newspaper.

Puerto Vallarta church
Puerto Vallarta church

The Historic Center of Puerto Vallarta is a unique place, where its time endures alive thanks to its cobblestone streets, with white facades and reddish tiles. With this appointment it is guaranteed that its architectural beauty remains intact.

In addition, it is the obligatory site that you must visit when you go to Puerto Vallarta, because the parish stands out in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which makes it the witness of the most beautiful postcards. Its construction is extremely attractive, since it has a crown in its main tower. Their festivities begin from the first to the twelve of December, in which thousands of national and international tourists visit.

This town located on the seashore will also captivate you with the route of its impressive boardwalk that measures almost two kilometers, you can ride a bike or a relaxed walk and enjoy the tranquility and friendliness of its people, who come together to savor a snow admiring the sculptures that are there.

The sand, the palms and the waves of the sea will be accomplices of this wonderful adventure that you must discover and that of course will guarantee that your stay in Puerto Vallarta is unforgettable.