Researchers from Oxford seek to create the first 100% blockchain university


Academics are developing a platform where they can study students from anywhere in the world and where grades cannot be altered due to the use of blockchain technology.

Imagine attending a university where all the teachers are chosen through blockchain and where you can study from anywhere in the world.

14 Oxford researchers are working to create Woolf University, the first 100 percent blockchain university in the world.

"Woolf will make it possible for any qualified academic to offer a course," says the official website of the educational institution.

Joshua Broggi, director and founder of this project, decided in 2018 to create the blockchain university, after realizing that he and other of his colleagues were only hired temporarily and after his contract expired they faced job uncertainty.

In conjunction with other Oxford colleagues, he decided to implement this blockchain university platform, in which certified teachers can be employed, through teaching.

"At my university, more than three-quarters of the staff have fixed-term contracts and many of the teachers do not know what they will be doing in six months," said Miles Pattemnden, an academic at the Oxford School of History who also participates in Woolf University.

"Even those with long-term contracts suffer an increasing administrative burden and often have to organize their teaching according to a model appropriate to universities, but not to the needs of students."

The Woolf University website indicates that the students' activities and grades will be recorded through block technology so that grades cannot be altered or modified since they will all be recorded in real time on thousands of computers located in the somewhere in the world.

Also, through the blockchain, you can monitor how the teacher is working and what are the activities you are working on at all times with your students.

The teaching at Woolf University is based on the tutorial model, which consists of small classes of one to three students who study directly with a teacher.

Those interested in being students or teachers can go to the Woolf University page and register to receive more information.

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