These are the best residential areas in Mazatlan

If you are interested in living in one of the best homes in Mazatlan, then Marina Mazatlan has the safest, most luxurious residences in the city.

These are the best residential areas in Mazatlan
Don't miss the opportunity to live in the home and area of your dreams. Photo by Scott Webb / Unsplash

Do you want to live in one of the most touristic cities in Mexico? Mazatlan, Sinaloa is an excellent option, since it not only has a spectacular sea but also has safe, comfortable, and exclusive residences in an area also known as the Pearl of the Pacific where everyone would like to live.

Each one of them is located near a shopping mall, supermarkets, banks, educational institutions such as schools and universities, as well as an endless number of restaurants and entertainment venues, since they are located in one of the most prestigious areas of Mazatlan, in La Marina. Get to know them.

Golf Residential

If your dream is to live near a golf course, this incredible place has a phenomenal course that was designed by the prestigious architect David Fleming, who took care of even the smallest details to make it look perfect and practical. From there you can enjoy a beautiful view from which you can see the pier, as well as its pleasant flora and fauna.

The Golf Course is for beginners as well as professionals since it has different levels of complexity. In total there are 18 holes par 72, where there are 3 lakes, streams, and two holes in the exclusive islands of Marina Mazatlan. Its houses are located in the middle of the courses at separate and private distances, each one with its swimming pool.

Arroyos de la Marina

This is a development with residential lots from 320 square meters and its value is growing day by day, thanks to its strategic location; besides the Marina Mazatlan golf course, which makes it more attractive for property investment. Access to this place is controlled, and upon entering you can see beautiful green areas, as well as common areas with volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts, a swimming pool, and two large palapas. Most of the lots are sold, but there are still some left.

Residencial Delfín

This is an exclusive area that will have huge lots for the construction of aesthetically luxurious homes. Its location is in a safe area on Del Delfin Avenue, 100 meters from the Mazatlan Convention Center. Residencial El Delfin offers 137 residential lots from 178 m2 with a common area with a pool, gym, and a small hall for events. A commercial area will be built in front of the avenue.

Paraiso Marina

With a spectacular entrance and a pool that invites you to enjoy a good rest, this residential development promises to be not only the safest and most modern, but also one of the most sought-after in Mazatlan. This is a new residential development located in front of Puerta al Mar and Punta Diamante, behind Plaza Galerias and Tec Milenio. It will have 227 residential lots, 2 swimming pools, and a multipurpose court.

Isla Mazatlan

As its name suggests, it is located in the middle of the docks where you can see the yachts and a beautiful view of the sunset. It has controlled access, as well as green areas and swimming pools. Currently, lots and houses are for sale.

Marina Real

In Marina Real, there are very few lots available, however, if you would like a house already built, purchase yours today. It is located inside Marina Mazatlan.

Puerto Iguana Villas

This is an exclusive residential development, as well as beautiful, since the vegetation is incredible, with Mexican-style villas overlooking the sea and of course, also a pool, patios overlooking the harbor, and palm trees abound in the place. Currently, there are villas available for sale. These villas overlook the dock and common areas (pool). It is a housing complex of 34 villas which are located in one of the most exclusive areas of Marina Mazatlan.

Puerta al Mar

Although there are very few lots left in this residential development, those that remain have a prestigious location, as it borders the golf course and has a view of this area, as well as the dock, apart from being an area with greater added value, it has a tennis court, pool and private events room for the residents of the residential development.

Punta Diamante

One of the most well-known residential complexes with few lots left is Punta Diamante, which is located in an exclusive area of La Marina Mazatlan, you can see the golf course, and docks and has all the amenities, as it has a large pool that is exclusive to residents, as well as a phenomenal view.