19 Easy Tequila Cocktails for Any Party

Cocktails with tequila, one of Mexico's most famous liquors, are synonymous with joy and celebration. Prepare tequila cocktails that are suitable for any summer party.

19 Easy Tequila Cocktails for Any Party
Cocktail with tequila easy to prepare. Photo by Johann Trasch / Unsplash

Cocktails with tequila, one of Mexico's most famous liquors, are synonymous with joy and celebration. Prepare these easy tequila cocktails that are also suitable for any summer party.

Acapulco by Night

2/6 Tequila
1/6 Rum
3/6 orange juice
brown sugar

Serve in a tall glass and sprinkle the rim with brown sugar.

Tequila Sunrise

2/6 tequila
crushed ice
3/6 orange juice

Put the orange juice, tequila, and a few ice cubes in a shaker and shake. Shake. In a tall glass put the crushed ice and add the mixture previously strained. Pour drop by drop the grenadine with the help of a long spoon. When the grenadine is at the bottom of the glass, stir quickly with a stirrer.

Golden Cocktail

4/7 Tequila
3/7 of lime juice
A teaspoon of honey

It is prepared in a mixing glass with ice cubes, strain, and serve.


3/4 Tequila
1/4 of Kahlua
Coca-cola to taste

Pour the ingredients into a highball glass, with ice cubes and the desire to have a good time.

Mexican Cockroach

1/2 Tequila
1/2 of coffee liqueur

Pour the ingredients (quantities are optional) into a tequila shot glass, light it from the top with a lighter or match, and while the flame is burning, introduce a straw and suck it out very quickly until it is finished.

Tequila Daiquiri

1/2 of Tequila
1/2 of lime juice
1 dash of syrup

It is prepared in a mixing glass without ice.


1/5 of Tequila
3/5 of Pisco
1/5 of raspberry brandy
3 drops of blue Curacao

Directly in a tall glass, use red and blue cubes, and add the drops of blue Curacao.


2/4 of Tequila
1/4 of Cointreau
1/4 lime juice

It is prepared in a shaker with ice cubes and served in a cocktail glass frosted with salt and lemon. Undoubtedly, the best-known Tequila cocktail worldwide.

Mexico Lindo

1/2 Tequila
1/2 lime juice
1 shot of Curacao

It is prepared in a shaker with crushed ice. Serve in a previously chilled glass and garnish with a cherry.


1/3 Tequila
1/3 lime juice
1/3 cola

With ice cubes, in a tall glass.


3/10 of Tequila
2/10 of vodka
2/10 of peach
2/10 orange
1/10 grenadine
1 dash of lemon


1/3 oz. Tequila
A few drops of lime juice
A few drops of Maggy sauce
A few drops of Tabasco sauce

Serve in old-fashioned glasses over ice cubes.

Russian Tequila

8 of Tequila (Blanco, Añejo or Reposado)
7/8 grapefruit-flavored soft drink
Juice of a whole lime
2 ice cubes
Salt to taste

In a tall glass squeeze the lime completely and add the salt. Beat until dissolved. Add the ice, tequila, and soft drink. Shake briefly and "salud compadre". Sent from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

Satanik Beer

1/2 bottle of Tequila
5 cans of Beer
5 bottles of Soda
5 drops of Tabasco sauce

Take a liter jar, and put all the ingredients in it. Stir the "explosive mixture" for 1 minute. Then it is served very fresh. Note: Fire may come out of the mouth.


1 liter of beer
1 glass of tequila

Tequila is put inside a shot glass, then that glass is lifted and put into a liter glass (a chop), but turned upside down. Then the shot glass is placed inside the chop with the contents inside and the chop is emptied, once the beer is added to the chop. As the shot glass is taken, it gradually begins to overturn, releasing its contents, in this case, tequila, mixing with the beer. Throughout the drink, the tequila is not felt much, but after a few shots, the effect is more than respectable.

Tequila Macho

7/10 of Tequila
2/10 of lime juice
1/10 of soda ( soft drink)

It is prepared in a mixing glass, without ice. Mix the juice and Tequila. It is strained in a glass (impregnated with salt) and the soda is added. Some people add a chili inside.

Tequila Sour

3/6 Tequila
2/6 of apricot liqueur
1/6 lime juice

It is prepared in a mixing glass with ice cubes and then strained.

Tex-Mex Tequila

2/3 Tequila
1/3 Tabasco sauce

Recommended only in small doses.

Tequila Punch

1/2 Tequila
1/2 of Tia Maria

Well blended, and with ice cubes.