In the NBA, Juan Guarnizo has emerged as a star for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Streamer Juan Guarnizo put the capabilities of the newest title in the NBA 2k series, NBA 2k23, to the test by simulating a career as a basketball superstar in the top league.

In the NBA, Juan Guarnizo has emerged as a star for the Los Angeles Lakers.
With the Lakers, Juan Guarnizo finds success in the NBA. Credit: NBA MÉXICO

A collaboration between the NBA and Juan Guarnizo test the maximum capabilities of the new release, NBA 2k23, a video game that is already available on different platforms, within the Stream we can enjoy how the content creator shows us gameplay of the different modes that the title has.

Juan Guarnizo shows us little by little the game inside a setup assembled by the NBA, the place looks spectacular, it is thought to the smallest detail to look like a room you wish you had at home, and we can enjoy a very pleasant talk with the expert of the game giving us hard data and tips to start our experience within the title.

The story looks pretty solid and we will have to leave everything on the court to become the most recognized player of the team we choose, visually looks spectacular we will live environments full of life and excitement for the NBA.

Personalization in NBA 2k23

You will be able to change the name of your player and if you are lucky and you appear in the selected lists inside the video game they will be able to say your name.

Add the last name
Hand you play with if you are south or right handed
Body shape

In addition to all this, you can be very meticulous with very specific numbers within your performance on the court, we will enjoy an open mode to choose our missions, tattoo yourself, buy tennis shoes and change the color of your eyes in this free mode.

You will be surprised with the detail that you will live inside and outside the court, see your favorite stores like Jordan and Nike look with all the style in the city, move around on a bike and even in a Go Kart, a world where everyone can live together and you can enjoy with your friends to the fullest.

The game is available on Xbox X|S Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.