Nine Lives and Two Police in Cuernavaca's Monday Mayhem

Cuernavaca's quiet streets turned into a Wild West battleground in a clash between authorities and civilians. Nine lives lost, two police down, and a haul of weapons. The town now awaits answers as investigators untangle the chaos.

Nine Lives and Two Police in Cuernavaca's Monday Mayhem
A snapshot of the aftermath, showcasing the dramatic clash that turned Cuernavaca into a battleground.

In the wee hours of Monday, November 20, the usually tranquil neighborhoods of San Anton, Altavista, and Bellavista in the state capital of Morelos turned into a scene straight out of a spaghetti western. Picture this: an armed confrontation between the Secretariat of Citizen Protection and Assistance of Cuernavaca (Seprac) and a group of civilians, resulting in a showdown that would make Clint Eastwood raise an eyebrow.

Now, hold on to your sombreros because the Attorney General's Office of the State of Morelos has spilled the beans, and it's a tale that reads like a script from an action-packed movie.

The Scoreboard: 9 Lives Lost, 2 Police Down, and a Cache of Contraband

The dust settled, and the aftermath was no laughing matter. The official tally includes nine bodies, two of them brave members of the Cuernavaca Police. It's a tragic scorecard that raises eyebrows and questions about what exactly went down in those dimly lit streets.

The spoils of this modern-day gunfight? Oh, just nine long weapons, two short ones, a couple of pickup trucks, bulletproof vests (because who doesn't want to feel invincible?), and radio communicators for some old-school villain-style communication.

And there's more drama – four wounded souls in the mix, two of them being the very law enforcement officers who were probably hoping for a quiet Monday morning coffee instead.

A Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Cherry-Blue-White Pickup, and a Black Nissan Rogue

Let's dive into the cinematic details. In Calzada de los Actores, the Specialized Crime Scene Unit uncovered a red Jeep Grand Cherokee pickup truck, decked out with five long weapons and a short one. Oh, and they found a lifeless fella named Salvador “N”, a 32-year-old from Taxco de Alarcon, Guerrero, adding a touch of mystery to the narrative.

Altavista – the place where the action ignited. Here, a 57-year-old named José Armando “N” met his end, and a colorful cherry-blue-white pickup truck was seized. Cue the ballistic evidence and a driver who won't be navigating those streets again.

Bellavista – the final battleground. A black Nissan Rogue van, bearing license plates from the State of Mexico, became the centerpiece of the last act. Five men down, two identified as Luis Fernando “N” and Andres Aldahir “N,” with three more nameless faces adding intrigue.

Inside the Rogue, a stash that could make any arms dealer jealous – four long arms, one short weapon, ballistic vests, and radio communicators. All the makings of a Hollywood heist flick, right in the heart of Cuernavaca.

The Aftermath

As the smoke clears, the casualties reveal the human side of this wild story. Two Cuernavaca Police officers, Juan Carlos “N” and Francisco “N,” lost their lives. Two more officers and two civilians, Julio César “N” and José Antonio “N,” are nursing their wounds in hospital beds, recounting the chaos that unfolded in their peaceful city.

Yet, the saga continues – bodies yet to be claimed, held at the Forensic Medical Service, like characters awaiting their final scene.

The Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office is cracking open the case file, initiating an investigation that promises to unravel the mystery behind this unexpected clash. The question on everyone's lips: what led to this cinematic confrontation on the streets of Cuernavaca?

As the sun sets on this surreal Monday, the town is left to grapple with the aftermath of a real-life action movie, wondering when the credits will roll and normalcy will return to their streets. Welcome to Cuernavaca – where reality meets the reel, and life imitates the wildest of scripts.