Acapulco is synonymous with travel, romanticism, and legends. It is a port that awakens the nostalgia of those who return after many years: the excitement of seeing the divers once again cross themselves before jumping into the void and crossing the sky at 60 kilometers per hour to submerge in La Quebrada. It is to enjoy the catch of the day in one of the many artisan huts that line the beach.


If you are one of those who seek to vent your adrenaline levels in each destination, the Xtasea zip line is for you. Considered the longest in the world on the sea by its 1,800 meters in length, this canopy allows you to fly Superman-style over the Bay of Puerto Marques, send you in night flight at 120 kilometers per hour, throw you sitting on a course of 2 minutes or be accompanied on a tandem flight to enjoy the sea breeze. It is also possible to fly comfortably reclining on a hammock to have 360-degree views of this beautiful coastal city.

Snorkel and kayak in La Roqueta

It is impossible to visit Acapulco without stopping to go to the Roqueta, an island 30 minutes by boat where you can enjoy water sports including snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding thanks to the calm waves and turquoise waters. Ideal to get away from the bustling beaches of Caleta and Caletilla, you can walk for three kilometers in dense vegetation to get to El Faro. It is worth climbing to the top to see the spectacular views of the Pacific.

La Quebrada cliff divers

For almost fifty years, La Quebrada is a classic of Acapulco. In the old part of the city, just a few blocks from the center of the port, there is a cliff where intrepid natives are thrown into the void from 35 meters. Vertigo, emotion, and danger at high speed make up an indescribable spectacle, since the divers only have four meters -at the end, after entering the water, to dodge the rocks at the bottom at a speed that exceeds 60 kilometers per hour. An exhibition of courage, strength, and dexterity that includes complicated pirouettes in the air and exciting entrances to the sea. You can climb the hill to the top of the cliff or reach one of the observation platforms located at the foot of the mountain.

Playa Revolcadero

Who does not like the beach? Acapulco is famous for having large stretches of white sand and warm, crystalline water, irresistible to any traveler. One of the most used surfing lives up to its name: Playa Revolcadero, where the waves are strong. You should also visit Acapulco Diamante, a quiet beach full of tourist developments with a great gastronomic offer where the specialty is seafood soup.

De Tres Palos lagoon

Horseback riding, boating, trekking, or enjoying nature, the Tres Palos lagoon allows you to get in deep contact with the ecology. Located just 25 minutes from the Acapulco International Airport, according to the El Viajero Magazine, this freshwater mirror is a true sanctuary of flora and fauna with pelicans, hummingbirds, lizards, and herons. You can not miss the mangroves, with gray mud inlets that serve as a natural exfoliant.

Golden zone

Also known as the 'Sunset Boulevard Mexicano', the Golden Zone is a commercial and hotel corridor located in the Bay of Acapulco that starts in the Papagayo Park and extends for almost 6 kilometers to the Naval Base. On your tour, which can take up to two hours on foot, you can find water parks, quiet beaches, and hotels of all categories to folklore shows and shopping plazas with designer shops and local crafts.

Fish of the day

A few steps away from Playa Diamante there is a picturesque cabin where you can taste the catch of the day in an environment that invites you to relax: Mario Canario, the renowned chef applies the concept 'Mexican homemade' to create dishes of the land and the sea with great doses of madness and fun. Among his creations are the crab tacos, the grilled octopus, and the Diablo shrimp, which can be combined with drinks based on mezcal, tequila, and tropical fruits. Tip: arrive before 7 PM; You will see how the sunset lights merge between the thatched roofs and the trees in the main courtyard.