Seri language receives its official writing standard to preserve their culture

The National Institute of Indigenous Languages presented Joel Barnet, Traditional Seri Governor, with the standard on behalf of the Comca'ac community in Sonora.

Seri language receives its official writing standard to preserve their culture
Seri seek to preserve their culture. Image: Anthropology and History in Sonora

In order to present the strategic route for the Design of Mexico's Action Plan, the Ministry of Culture of the Government of Mexico and the National Institute of Indigenous Languages (INALI) presented the writing standard of the Cmiique iitom language of the Comca'ac people to Joel Barnet, Traditional Seri Governor.

Juan Gregorio Regino, General Director of INALI, mentioned that the delivery was an exercise of linguistic sovereignty and invited the speakers of the national indigenous languages so that together they can build the Mexican proposal for action towards the DILI 2022-2032.

He explained that it is necessary to form an alliance to elaborate a route that allows the defense of indigenous languages that are not at risk of disappearing, in addition to outlining strategies to materialize the slogan: "Nothing for us without us".

Gregorio Regino highlighted the reforms promoted by the Mexican Government under the slogan "leave no one behind, leave no one out". In this sense, he said that the Ministry of Culture, through INALI, is working on linguistic matters under the premise of "not one language less, not one speaker less".

He also stressed that all languages in their written manifestation have the same value and right to be perfected, being instruments of intellectual, cultural, human and sustainable development of a nation, as established by the General Law of Linguistic Rights of Indigenous Peoples. "Many national and international instruments give account of this value," he said.

The director of Research of INALI, Nicandro González Peña, said that the writing standard of the Cmiique iitom language is a work effort of this people to systematize their writing and exercise their linguistic rights and have more symmetrical relations with other languages, such as Spanish.

So far, Inali has concluded the elaboration of 17 writing norms and another 19 are in the process of elaboration. In this context, he explained that after the publication of this document in the Official Gazette of the Federation and in the Official Gazettes of the states, they will have greater validity to initiate the institutionalization of these languages in the public and private life of the country.

The Traditional Seri Governor Joel Barnet, after receiving the writing standard, thanked INALI for the elaboration and delivery of this document that he qualified as very valuable, because there are people who are very interested in preserving the words and customs and for the Seri people it is very important that they make this effort.

Meanwhile, the General Director of the Municipal Institute of Art and Culture, Diana Reyes González, host of the event, affirmed that there are many cultural promoters who have been working for more than 30 years in favor of indigenous languages, and acknowledged INALI for the collaborative work they have done to make this event a reality.