Sandra Avila Beltran: Calderón "collaborated with Mexican cartels": the Queen of the Pacific

The so-called 'Queen of the Pacific', real name Sandra Avila Beltran, asserted that Calderón's six-year term was the cruelest and bloodiest.

Sandra Avila Beltran: Calderón "collaborated with Mexican cartels": the Queen of the Pacific
Sandra Ávila Beltrán, known as "La Reina del Pacífico" (The Queen of the Pacific). Photo: Agencies

Sandra Avila, better known as 'the Queen of the Pacific' made strong accusations against the former president of Mexico Felipe Calderon, whom she accused of collaborating with Mexican cartels. In an interview with the YouTube channel Doble G, Avila stated that she was a scapegoat for the former president, whose six-year term, she said, has been the most "cruel" and "bloody".

"The six-year term where there were more violations of human rights and the law, where I was his scapegoat, I was the first person he arrested in his six-year term, and he fabricated a crime against me in order to feel like a good president or a good Mexican when he collaborated directly with the Mexican cartels. Where did he receive much of the fortune that he has now, that he and his wife and his family enjoy? From drug trafficking, and who judges him?" the woman said.

Likewise, 'the Queen of the Pacific' assured that Calderón was a partner of Genero García Luna, who she recalled is in prison in the United States for links to drug trafficking.

"Why is García Luna being prosecuted and Calderón is not? He was García Luna's boss, partner... and he destroyed my life," said Avila, who asserted that the crime for which she spent more than five years in jail was fabricated.

In the interview, Sandra Avila said that after she was sentenced to prison on charges of helping a drug trafficker, her mother died so, she said, the former president of Mexico took away her freedom and also part of her family.

"I lost my mother because of that arrest warrant, I lost many years in prison, I lost many things and I entered a place of suffering that I do not wish on anyone," she said.

Sandra Ávila Beltrán in an interview with the YouTube channel Doble G.

The Queen of the Pacific is on TikTok

Sandra Ávila Beltrán, known as "La Reina del Pacífico" (The Queen of the Pacific), reappeared on social networks, where she now boasts about her life after being released from prison, where she was imprisoned for drug trafficking.

Ávila Beltrán became famous when she was arrested in 2007 when was accused of the crime of illicit resources. At the time, "The Queen of the Pacific" smiled when she was captured, which caused all kinds of speculation.

In addition, La Reina del Pacífico, es la hora de contar, the book by journalist Julio Scherer García contributed to learning more about the alleged drug trafficker, who was linked to Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada in the nineties.

The "Queen of the Pacific" has made 13 videos on TikTok, where she already has 30.4K followers. In her Tiktok, Sandra shows everyday things in her life, such as beauty routines and her friends. In her latest video, for example, the woman talks about face creams.

"I had a busy day... but soon I will show you the cream I use for my skincare," she said. Since her first video, "La Reina del Pacifico" assured me that she manages her account. "This is the only real account, personally managed by me (sic)".

@sandraavilaoficial tuve un día con muchas ocupaciones.. pero pronto les voy a mostrar la crema que uso para mi skin care 🥰 para todas las personas que me an preguntando que si que uso en mi piel. #followers😘thanku #lareinadelpacifico #sandraavilabeltran #fypシ #skin #skincare ♬ sonido original - sandra avila beltran

Who is Sara Avila Beltran?

Sandra Ávila Beltrán (born October 11, 1960, in Mexicali Baja California) is an alleged Mexican drug trafficker nicknamed "The Queen of the Pacific", so called by the media. She was facing charges of organized crime, money laundering, and drug trafficking conspiracy.

Origins of The Queen of the Pacific

She was born into a family of smugglers in the state of Sinaloa. Her uncle is Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, known as "El Padrino", one of the founders of the Guadalajara Cartel three decades ago. Her partnership and daily life were with several well-known drug lords in her youth.

"The Queen of the Pacific" is the daughter of Maria Luisa Beltran Felix and Alfonso Avila Quintero, a relative of Rafael Caro Quintero, who is considered one of Mexico's biggest drug lords in the 1980s, and who was recently released from prison.

Sara Avila Beltran has only one son, Luis Fuentes Avila, who 2002 was kidnapped by a criminal group.

She was married twice, her two husbands ironically both drug police commanders who went on to become traffickers. Both were killed by hired assassins with knives on their backs. Police attribute her rise to power in the drug world to her physique but first and foremost to her great business savvy, to her calm, beauty queen-like movements, to what one might think of in the imagination of a drug trafficker.

Sara Avila Beltran lived unnoticed in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and Hermosillo, Sonora, until police found more than nine tons of cocaine on a ship in the Pacific port of Manzanillo, Colima. Avila Beltran was arrested, along with Espinoza Ramirez, on September 28, 2007, in a restaurant in the San Jeronimo neighborhood, south of Mexico City, during an operation carried out by federal agents.

Narcocorridos about La Reina del Pacífico

Sandra has her narcocorrido by Los Tucanes de Tijuana, which pays tribute to her as "a high-level lady who is a key part of the business."

Los Tigres del Norte in their album titled La granja le dedican un corrido llamado to her called ¨la reina de reinas¨ describes her as a distinguished woman of calm movements with which she challenges authority.

EL Komander In his corrido "La Mafiosa", she is highlighted as an elegant and distinguished woman with her demeanor and fine tastes, and with great courage, but Mafiosa.


In a videotape during her interrogation, she describes herself as a housewife who earns a little money by "selling clothes, and real estate". Asked why she had been detained, she replies nonchalantly, "Because of an arrest warrant for extradition purposes."

"She was never seen scared, she was always smiling".

Her life behind bars in the Santa Martha Acatitla women's prison in Mexico City seems not to have been to her liking as she filed a complaint against the Mexico City Government before the Mexico City Human Rights Commission, saying that in her cell there were insects that she referred to as noxious fauna. She also said that the ban on bringing in food from restaurants violated her rights.

Conviction and Release

The so-called Queen of the Pacific was found not guilty of the charges of Drug Trafficking and Criminal Association in the United States of America, but of a charge of financially supporting a person linked to drug trafficking, her sentence was 70 months, which as of 2013 is considered to have been served.