AMLO's Morning Conference Serves Up Water Wins

Querétaro shines in AMLO's morning show: booming economy, water worries solved, crime tackled. Maseca keeps tortillas cheap, fuel prices stable. Politicians scolded, free speech defended, US talks planned. Train chugging soon, corruption banished (maybe).

AMLO's Morning Conference Serves Up Water Wins
AMLO and Kuri celebrate a new agreement to guarantee Querétaro's water supply for generations. Credit: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

From water wars to Maseca magic, the Morning Conference in Querétaro was a whirlwind of announcements, bromances, and a dash of “politicking.” We're about to dive into the juiciest bits, served with a side of healthy skepticism.

Querétaro: The Land of Rising Middle Classes (and Falling Crime Numbers)

Governor Mauricio Kuri kicked things off, beaming about Querétaro's economic prowess. Apparently, the middle class is multiplying faster than bunnies in spring, thanks to savvy tariff tweaks and, of course, some federal love from AMLO. And hey, who can complain about water woes getting washed away with a brand new “Batan Water System”? Sounds like Querétaro's future is looking as sparkling as a purified H2O molecule.

Crime: A Balancing Act with Room for Improvement

General Sandoval, the man with the crime stats, dropped the hammer next. Turns out, Querétaro's not immune to the bad stuff, ranking high in vehicle thefts and extortion. But hey, at least kidnapping and human trafficking are on the rise, right? (Just kidding, that's not good.) Still, the National Guard is swarming the state like bees to a honeypot, and they've snagged some serious loot along the way – kilos of narcotics and enough fentanyl pills to fuel a rave in Narcos-land. Progress? Maybe.

Pemex: The Price is (Mostly) Right

Mr. Profeco, the fuel watchdog, assured us that gas prices are holding steady, and his trusty “Litro por Litro” app is on the prowl, sniffing out price gougers like a bloodhound on a budget. Even LP gas is behaving, snuggled comfortably within its price range. As for the basic basket, it's doing the fandango between 744 and 968 pesos, depending on where you shop. Basically, your wallet can breathe easy for now.

Maseca: The Corn Flour Messiah

Speaking of wallets, AMLO dropped a bombshell – corn flour prices are staying flat this year! Praise be to Maseca, the tortilla-making godsend, for keeping our tacos affordable. And while we're at it, let's give a shout-out to the 1,039-peso basic basket ceiling – inflation can take a flying tortilla to Mars for all it cares.

Politicking: A Game of Words and Wagging Fingers

AMLO, the master of deflection, scolded Governor Gallardo for getting a little too partisan at a recent event. Apparently, public servants shouldn't mix government with “politicking” during election season. Who knew? And while we're on the topic of free speech, AMLO assured us that Azucena Uresti's departure from Milenio had nothing to do with censorship – it was just her “circumstances,” whatever that means. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

A Formula for Good Governance (and Avoiding Loret de Mola)

Speaking of formulas, AMLO laid out his five-point plan for a squeaky-clean administration: no corruption, no fancy pants, no impunity, money to the people, and social programs galore. But hold your horses, program enthusiasts – AMLO hates those bloated, cash-guzzling initiatives of yore. He's all about direct support, no middleman, just pure, unadulterated goodness. And as for corruption, well, let's just say Loret de Mola won't find any skeletons in AMLO's closet – his kids are sleeping soundly, thank you very much.

Bonus Round: Trains, Trade, and Transatlantic Talks

Before we hit the snooze button, let's not forget the Mexico-Querétaro train project. Apparently, AMLO's up for electrifying the tracks and getting those passenger trains chugging along. He's even willing to roll up his sleeves and do it himself if the private sector doesn't cough up the dough. And speaking of dough, a meeting with US congressmen is brewing, where, hopefully, they'll be singing Kumbaya about migration and hammering out some concrete agreements. Let's just hope those agreements don't involve walls, sombreros, or anything remotely resembling a telenovela plot.

So there you have it – a Morning Conference recap. Remember, this is just one side of the story, served with a dash of skepticism and a whole lot of Quirétaro charm. Now, go forth and ponder, analyze, and maybe even make your own tortilla with that affordable Maseca.