AMLO's Morning Conference Serves Up Water Wins

Querétaro shines in AMLO's morning show: booming economy, water worries solved, crime tackled. Maseca keeps tortillas cheap, fuel prices stable. Politicians scolded, free speech defended, US talks planned. Train chugging soon, corruption banished (maybe).

AMLO's Morning Conference Serves Up Water Wins
AMLO and Kuri celebrate a new agreement to guarantee Querétaro's water supply for generations. Credit: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

From water wars to Maseca magic, the Morning Conference in Querétaro was a whirlwind of announcements, bromances, and a dash of “politicking.” We're about to dive into the juiciest bits, served with a side of healthy skepticism.

Querétaro: The Land of Rising Middle Classes (and Falling Crime Numbers)

Governor Mauricio Kuri kicked things off, beaming about Querétaro's economic prowess. Apparently, the middle class is multiplying faster than bunnies in spring, thanks to savvy tariff tweaks and, of course, some federal love from AMLO. And hey, who can complain about water woes getting washed away with a brand new “Batan Water System”? Sounds like Querétaro's future is looking as sparkling as a purified H2O molecule.