Watching a shark prowling the shores of Playas Camarones, in Puerto Vallarta, raised the alert of those who were bathing and sunbathing at midday this afternoon. For several minutes, the shark swam the shores of the beach causing children and adults who at that moment were having fun in the waves to leave in fear of being attacked.

But it seems that the curiosity of both the shark and the tourists was mutual, as the bathers stayed on the shore to get a closer look at the shark, while it insisted on approaching the humans. The moment was captured on video by a couple of women who, from the Mangos Beach restaurant, filmed the other onlookers and the shark, which ended up winning their hearts.

Here it comes again, look! Here it comes again!
"Look, how beautiful! (laughs)
He must be hungry, I think!
"Who knows why he's there?"

After swimming to the shore of the beach, the shark was finally stranded in the sand, requiring the intervention of Civil Protection agents who arrived in the area aboard Unit ZF-126 and ATV ZF-133, who had spotted the shark moments before. The tourists were able to see it from a short distance, however, they were shocked to see that the small shark, approximately 1.15 meters long, had a puncture wound on its tail.

According to the official report from Puerto Vallarta Public Safety, after several maneuvers, the PC officers and lifeguards were able to take the shark back to the sea. Lifeguards estimated that the shark's wound "does not represent any risk", so they finally released it approximately 500 meters offshore, hoping that it will not approach Puerto Vallarta's beaches again.