Puerto Vallarta Tests Electric Bus for Future Public Transit

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Puerto Vallarta Tests Electric Bus for Future Public Transit
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To support the gradual increase of benefits for workers, the President of Coparmex Puerto Vallarta, Juan Pablo Martinez, recently spoke at a podium to recommend this approach. This news comes amidst a wave of positivity regarding COVID-19 in Vallarta, with deaths notably decreasing over the past three months. Although, it's important to remember the pandemic is not over yet, and hospitals are still attending to COVID patients.

In other news, the marine residents association in Vallarta is feeling pleased with the recent addition of an electric truck. According to Antonio García, a member of the association, the truck has been a great help in keeping the marina clean and running efficiently. Speaking of transportation, there have been talks of implementing electronic public transportation, with a pilot test of an electric bus taking place in Marina Vallarta.

While progress is being made, there are still areas of improvement needed in the city. For example, City Hall has asked the Port Captaincy to rehabilitate Los Muertos dock, which has seen people sitting on the pier. Meanwhile, operations against pirate transportation units will be reinforced, as an irresponsible cab driver was caught dumping garbage in Los Sauces.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen. Recently, a motorcyclist suffered a fracture after an impact with an SUV, and a tree fell on power lines, leaving the Villas Rio development without electricity. Additionally, Michel and Oswaldo Sanchez failed to comply with the construction of a soccer school, leading to disappointment among fans and residents alike.

On a brighter note, businessmen and promoters recently handed out awards to promote Vallarta's attractions among leaders of business chambers. Furthermore, the upcoming Expo Emprendedor Vizcaya 2023 is set to take place this Saturday, and lodging in Puerto Vallarta is expected to reach a record high during Easter week.

Overall, there is a mix of good and bad news in Puerto Vallarta. While progress is being made in some areas, there are still improvements needed in others. As always, it's important to stay informed and stay safe.