The Reliquary of America: A History Tour of Puebla, Mexico

The city of Puebla has 2,600 historic monuments declared by UNESCO. Some of the predominant styles are the Fortress, Gothic, Neoclassical of the Herrera, and Renaissance type.

The Reliquary of America: A History Tour of Puebla, Mexico
Puebla Cathedral, the most representative monument of the city. Photo by Roberto Puga / Unsplash

When it comes to colonial cities, Puebla is more popular with tourists than Guadalajara. "Mystery tourism" has become popular in Puebla, which is known as the "Reliquary of America". You can look at the design of its cathedral, which is one of the most beautiful colonial temples in America, as well as the design of its municipal palace.

Walking through its streets, you can also appreciate the temple of Santo Domingo and its chapel of the Rosary, which in the sixteenth century was considered the eighth wonder of the world. in addition to the temple of the Society of Jesus and the temple of San Francisco.

Puebla's 391 blocks contain 2,019 historical monuments dating from the XVI to the XIX centuries.

Other places in the state of Puebla also preferred by vacationers are Tehuacan, Atlixco, San Pedro Cholula, Chignahuapan, and Zacatlan. Tehuacan is characterized by buildings such as the City Hall, the Temple of Carmen, and the Ex-Convent of San Francisco, as well as its mineral museum, the most important in Latin America.

For its part, Atlixco has a vast Neo-Hispanic architecture. Its Franciscan convent, from which beautiful landscapes can be appreciated, stands out. Other magical towns are Zacatlán, with its Valle de Piedras Encimadas and its Clock Museum; Cholula, with its pyramids and its Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Remedies; and Chignahuapan, which from July 23 to 31 celebrates the Festival de la Barbacoa y el Pulque (Barbecue and Pulque Festival).