Pozole recipe: a Mexican cuisine delight


The pozole is one of the most representative dishes within the Mexican cuisine, so it is one of the most classic recipes in this country. You are welcome to cook a delicious pozole and share with your family the delightful taste of it.


Pre-cooked pozole corn

Half an onion

Pork (leg and backbone)


Salt or chicken broth powder

Bay leaves


Chopped lettuce

Chopped onion






In a big pot, boil the pre-cooked corn with water, remember that the water must go over the corn so that the pozole is brothy, add half an onion and a couple of garlic and let it boil over high heat for about an hour.

Later add the pork meat previously washed and cut in pieces, we recommend you to use the leg that is lean meat, and spine, which will give a lot of flavor to our pozole. Also, add the laurel leaves and the powdered chicken consommé.

If you notice that the water has been consumed you can add more, remember that every time you add water you must prove that the broth is well seasoned. You must let the pozole cook for up to two more hours, to make sure that the corn and meat are perfectly cooked.

When the corn is burst, it is an indication that it is almost ready, the meat should crumble easily and the corn should not be hard. When the corn and meat are finally ready, you can serve it with lettuce, radishes, onions, oregano, and a few drops of lemon that will give it a delicious touch.

These accompaniments are a fundamental part of the pozole, since they are what give it its particular colorful appearance and unmistakable flavor.