Pomegranate and Tequila Cocktail: A delicious and perfect drink


Mexican convivialities are very popular and surely when we have a few drinks with friends, we feel like having something with an extra touch. To please those sophisticated tastes there is nothing like a "pomegranate paloma" - a cocktail with pomegranate and tequila.


(Per serving)

Juice of 2 lemons

1 oz of tequila



Lemon slices (for decoration)

Pomegranate seeds

Grapefruit soda


In a frosted glass with salt and lemon, place the ice cubes, add the lemon juice and some salt mixing them very well. Place the lemon slices on the sides of the glass, making sure they stop with the ice.

When you have the glass ready up to this point it will be time to add the ounce of tequila, you can modify the quantities of liquor depending on how much you want your drink to be loaded. Place the pomegranate in the cocktail and add the grapefruit soda.

It is recommended to squeeze some pomegranate seeds into the grapefruit soda before serving it, so your cocktail will have a beautiful pink color and a unique and delicious touch of pomegranate flavor. Enjoy in a measure this delicious fusion of very Mexican flavors. Salud! and Viva Mexico!