Playa del Carmen prepares for hurricane season


The Secretariat of Municipal Public Services reported the removal of the absorption wells, where they managed to remove more than two tons of organic waste, as part of the prevention tasks for the hurricane season.

Playa del Carmen gets ready for hurricane season
Playa del Carmen gets ready for hurricane season

Juan Carlos Segura Espadas, secretary of the agency, reported that this will prevent the possibility of heavy rains that could occur in the next few hours due to tropical storm "Cristobal" in the Gulf of Mexico.

"The absorption wells have been cleaned, there are more than 3,200 of them, about 30 meters deep, so it is necessary to remove organic waste such as leaves, and that they are in optimal condition for the hurricane season," said Segura Espadas.

The hurricane season for the Atlantic Ocean began on June 1. Luis Antonio Morales Ocaña, head of the Climatology and Meteorology Department of the Solidaridad Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Fire Department, said that heavy rains are expected in the next few hours, particularly on Wednesday afternoon due to the low-pressure system affecting the Gulf of Mexico.

He emphasized that the cyclone has no trajectory for the Yucatan Peninsula, however, its cloudy bands on the eastern side will cause occasional rains in the state, particularly in the south of the state.

He recommended that the population be kept informed through the official channels of government agencies and not listen to rumors.

The specialist said that it will be in the coming days when they install the Specialized Committee on Hydrometeorological Phenomena, which will be virtually due to the new normality that still imposes the healthy distance to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.