The Department of Meteorology and Climatology of Civil Protection declares itself ready to start monitoring hydrometeorological phenomena with the beginning of the hurricane season that officially starts on June 1st. Luis Antonio Morales Ocaña, head of the Department of Climatology and Meteorology of the Secretariat of Civil Protection, Risk Prevention, and Firefighters, asked the population to pay attention only to official communications and not to rumors.

"We are already ready to face the monitoring of this hurricane season that begins this June 1 for the Atlantic Ocean, with the probability that it will be an atypical season again, we also ask the population to avoid paying attention to rumors, to keep informed through official channels such as Civil Protection or Conagua itself," said the specialist.

It should be remembered that some months ago a forecast was issued by the University of Colorado, one of the most reliable sources on this subject, which estimated that it will be a dynamic hurricane season.

"As a reference the first forecast from the University of Colorado told us that for this 2021 season 17 named tropical cyclones may form, of which eight may be category 1 and 2, and four intense hurricanes," explained Morales Ocaña. It should be remembered that last year was one of the most intense hurricane seasons ever recorded in history, including the impact of four of these phenomena in the north of Quintana Roo, where there were heavy economic losses.

Morales Ocaña mentioned that so far there are no conditions for the formation of any of these phenomena in the Caribbean Sea, due to the fact that the sea temperature is still below 28 degrees Celsius, however, as June progresses, the possibilities will increase. In the municipality of Solidaridad, the local authority is preparing more than 30 anticyclonic shelters, which should be in perfect conditions.