Six pillars for developing good self-esteem

People's sense of worth is influenced by the principles and values they hold, therefore cultivating and living by such principles and values is beneficial to the development and maturation of one's character.

Six pillars for developing good self-esteem
Here are the six cornerstones of healthy self-esteem. Photo by bruce mars / Unsplash

Awareness, acceptance, responsibility, self-affirmation, determination, and integrity are the pillars of self-esteem, and building them, maintaining them, and taking care of them could help people to achieve a solid personality.

This was mentioned by Dr. Enrique Castañeda Cuellar, Psychiatrist and Academic of the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG), who presented a series of tips to cope with this kind of problems in his lecture, which he gave during the Forum "To the rescue of my mental health", organized by the School of Medicine and the Direction of Student Affairs of this institution.

How to Build Your Confidence

The doctor explained each pillar in this forum to help understand its meaning and impact on the personality.


Being aware of one's actions, analyzing and reflecting on them, and assuming the consequences.


This is about accepting feelings, even negative ones, mistakes, and also possibilities.


Taking responsibility for decisions and actions.


Being authentic and defining one's values, respecting one's wants and needs, and finding ways to express them.


Identify goals and consider how they will be achieved; define objectives, be constant and do it with courage so as not to deviate from the path.


The principles with which one acts must be congruent, they must be respected and commitments and promises must be kept.

One of the points that the doctor emphasized was that principles and values play an important role in people's self-esteem, fostering and living them helps to grow and strengthen the personality.