Pemex will have 8 priority projects


Pemex will develop 8 priority projects, which include the use of pipelines and transportation of oil, according to the Business Plan.

The complete document of Pemex's new business plan (2019-2023) considers the development and execution of eight projects of value considered as priorities for this Administration.

In addition to the accelerated development of new fields, contracts for Integral Services of Exploration and Extraction and the construction of the Dos Bocas refinery, Pemex is looking at five other projects as business opportunities.

In these projects, Pemex plans to work on the use of residuals from the Tula refinery, the transportation and storage of petroleum products, the use of pipelines in the Southeast, as well as increasing the supply of gas for industrial activities.

These are the Transisthmian Project (use of pipelines as part of the development of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec); Use of Tula residuals; Peninsular Project (transport and storage in the Yucatan Peninsula); Tolteca Project (storage in Tula); and the use of wet gas with high nitrogen content.

The Transístmico project, in charge of Pemex Logística, will be focused on maximizing the use of Pemex's infrastructure in the area of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, through the provision of hydrocarbon transportation services, storage, and port facilities.

This project was one of the strategic projects of Emilio Lozoya Austin, former director of Pemex, to reduce the time to move hydrocarbons to the Pacific coast.

The Peninsular project, whose execution period will be 24 months, will aim to increase the storage capacity and transport of oil.

Along the same lines, the Tolteca project will run from 2019 to 2021 and will have the same objective as the Peninsular project. Both will be in charge of Pemex Logística.

The Tula project will focus on the construction of a coking plant, the construction of five new plants, the modernization of six existing plants, in addition to auxiliary services and integration of the refinery.

And finally, the project for the use of sour wet gas with a high nitrogen content will have the objective of diversifying the sources of gas supply for industrial activities.

It will be in charge of Pemex Transformación Industrial, Pemex Exploración y Producción and Pemex Logística, and will have an execution period of three years of development and 14 years of operation.

Source: Agencies

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