Pedro Infante, the Mexican idol


Pedro Infante was one of the most representative artists of Mexico. This is what the life of this Mexican idol was like.

The singer and actor of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante.
The singer and actor of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Pedro Infante.

Pedro Infante Cruz was born on November 18, 1917, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. At the age of four Pedro moved to the city of Guamúchil, where he studied up to the fourth grade. Due to his humble origins, from his childhood Pedro was forced to work as a farmer; despite his young age, Infante rose quickly among the pawns. Another of the trades that Pedro learned was cabinetmaking, an art that accompanied him all his life and linked to his Catholic beliefs.

In addition, since he was a child he had an intense instrumental formation since his father was a music teacher. At the age of 16, he formed a ranchera music group known as "La Rabia". Little by little the group became known throughout Sinaloa, as they performed at all kinds of events.

At the age of 19, Pedro Infante had his first daughter, Guadalupe Infante. However, this birth product of courtship was not publicly recognized. Sometime later he met María Luisa León, ten years older than him, whom he married in Mexico City.

In addition to his daughter Guadalupe, Pedro Infante had four children out of wedlock with two women and adopted his niece Dora Luisa.

In fact, it was thanks to his marriage that his career gained momentum, as it was Maria Luisa who envisioned his great artistic future. In 1938 she jumped from the local radio of Sinaloa XEBL to the national radio XEB. With this, his popularity increased and by 1943 he made his first musical recording titled El Soldado Razo. Up to the day of his death, the Mexican idol had recorded nearly 350 songs.

Pedro Infante movies

Pedro Infante had a long cinematographic career, where he starred in more than 60 films. His acting career took off thanks to the director Ismael Rodríguez, in whose work he forged his own personality. It was also in Rodríguez's films that he met Blanca Estela Pavón, his female counterpart in cinema.

However, it wasn't until the trilogy Nosotros los pobres, Ustedes los Ricos and Pepe El Toro that he rose to the top of the golden cinema success story. Pedro Infante's phenomenon was largely due to the closeness of his characters to the life of the social bases of Mexico City. Workers, characters of rural origin and inhabitants of the neighborhoods fully identified with the characters of his films.

Little by little, their characters spread to other sectors, such as rural and religious life. In 1949 she starred for the last time in a film with Blanca Estela Pavón (The Woman I Lost), since months later the actress died in a plane crash.

Other great cinematographic successes were Los tres García (1946), Los tres huastecos (1948), A toda máquina (1951) and Tizoc (1956). It was both in Tizoc and in La Vida no vale nada that Pedro became a star with an international character.

Musical successes

Pedro Infante also became an icon of Mexican national music. Among the genres he performed are mariachi, rancheras, bolero, and traditional music. Among his wide repertoire were Cien años, Las mañanitas, Serenata huasteca, Amorcito corazón and Bésame mucho.

The Early Death of Pedro Infante

Although he had already had two air accidents, Pedro Infante was an aviation fanatic. From the first of his impacts on aircraft he was unharmed, from the second he required a graft of a metal plate in the skull.

However, Pedro Infante's fondness for continuous flight until April 15, 1957, when he died while piloting a warplane. According to research, the ship crashed in the center of the city of Merida shortly after takeoff. In addition to Infante, two passengers and two people died on the ground. His remains lie in the Panteón Jardín in Mexico City, a place that has become a tourist space.

In 2010 History Channel conducted a survey to choose the Great Mexican, winning second place. For many, however, he is the most representative male figure in Mexico, due to his origin and closeness to popular classes and culture, but perhaps also because of his own authenticity as a Mexican.

"I am not Mexican because I was born in this land, which could be a simple accident. I'm Mexican because of conviction because I love everything that's ours, because I like the customs, the folklore, the landscape, the tradition and the sky of Mexico. For me, no other country is more beautiful than mine. And do not believe that I obey a patriot and ridiculous feeling, but a natural inclination of admiration towards this peerless Tenochtitlán, so full of misunderstood things but so beautiful in the sight of those who know how to scrutinize and feel."

Netflix series about Pedro Infante

The Netflix platform is preparing a comic and musical series about the iconic Mexican singer Pedro Infante, Ted Sarandos, said the executive director of content at the company.

The series inspired by the songs of Pedro Infante will be entitled "Como caer del cielo", directed by Pepe Bojórquez and performed by Omar Chaparro and Ana Claudia Talancón.

"We continue to provide a platform for Mexican talent to continue to be recognized around the world," said Sarandos, who celebrated the company's expansion four years ago when he premiered his first original Mexican production, the "Club de Cuervos" series.

Netflix is also working on "Rio Grande, Rio Bravo", a project of five documentary short films about the border between Mexico and the United States that is produced by the renowned Gael García Bernal.

This year, the filming of "Selena, the series" begins, about the life of the successful singer Selena Quintanilla, as well as the second season of "La casa de las Flores", a comedy about the double moral of a wealthy Mexican family that has triumphed throughout the world.

Other projects also include the family movie "Se Busca papá", the romantic comedy "Ahí te encargo" or the series "Bandidos" and "El Club".

Netflix, a global platform present in 189 countries, has produced successful projects in Mexico such as the film "Roma", nominated for 10 Oscars, or the series "Narcos", "Luis Miguel" and "La casa de las Flores".

Pedro Infante and his extraordinary discipline in sports

The singer of Pepe 'El Toro' was a great aficionado of Boxing and Baseball, besides, his physique showed his discipline in the gym.

Pedro Infante was a great singer and actor, however, he is also remembered for being a man with an extraordinary discipline in sports.
Pedro Infante was a great singer and actor, however, he is also remembered for being a man with an extraordinary discipline in sports.

According to statements by María Luisa León, Pedro Infante's first wife, the actor who in life participated in more than 60 films, began his days at five in the morning to go running and paddling in the Chapultepec Forest lake and If it was not enough, he would finish his mornings in the gym doing exercises with weights.

It is worth mentioning that Infante was one of the first Mexican actors to work his physique in this way.

Pedro Infante was also a great Boxer, in 1953 he managed to take his skills in pugilism to the big screen with the movie 'Pepe' El Toro '', which completes the trilogy 'Nosotros los pobres' where he played a boxer from the neighborhood. Pedro Infante got to train with Raúl 'Ratón' Macías and Barbabé 'Babe' Vázquez, both legendary Mexican boxing champions in different categories.

Another of the sports with which Pedro Infante was linked on several occasions was Baseball. Although there are no records that he was part of an amateur ninth, it is known that Infante played a selection from his native Mazatlan, Sinaloa, where he served as a third base in a game to raise funds for the victims of Cuba who suffered damage after the passage of a hurricane.

Pedro Infante is the only character that beats soccer in Mexico

More than five decades after his death, his films are enjoying high ratings on TV.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico, and the national team's matches or the championship finals in the professional league are usually among the most-watched programs on open television in the country.

Television companies, especially Televisa, usually show the singer's films when they do not have the rights to broadcast important matches or other sporting events. This is a strategy widely used by Mexican television.

When they are faced with events such as a world soccer championship or the Olympic Games and there is no possibility of broadcasting them, the companies program classic films of the Mexican film industry, especially those starring Pedro Infante. The reason is that in a country as traditionalist as Mexico, talking about Pedro Infante is a guarantee of success.

And it's also a good deal: according to calculations by some local media, Pedrito's films, as many call the singer, have reached between 15 and 20 points in the audience. Almost the same amount of viewers who gather at the meetings of the most popular teams like America and Chivas. Though less than the national team's games and the World Cup finals.

Pedro Infante
Pedro Infante