The day Pedro Infante 'reappeared' 26 years after his death

Urban legends claim that Pedro Infante lived until 2013, faking his death in 1957. A mysterious character appeared after Pedro Infante's death, claiming to be the real singer.

The day Pedro Infante 'reappeared' 26 years after his death
Mexican singer and actor Pedro Infante

The death of actor Pedro Infante at the peak of his career is always a topic that gives something to talk about, it is a matter of time before all kinds of theories emerge pointing out that it is a set-up, since fans are reluctant to lose their great stars; one of the most famous cases occurred in Mexico is that of Pedro Infante.

The great Mexican movie star and aviation lover, died on April 15, 1957, when the plane he was traveling in crashed in the city of Merida, Yucatan; or at least that is what the official version of events says, as many claims that it was all part of a montage and that the singer lived for many more years.

It is said that in the mid-1950s, Pedro Infante got involved with the mistress of a powerful politician of the time (some say it was the former president Miguel Alemán), who had him assassinated.

This theory was supported 26 years later when a mysterious character suddenly appeared, a man who said his name was Antonio Pedro Hurtado Borjón, who in addition to his great physical resemblance, had a singing voice that sounded very similar to that of the deceased idol.

To add further doubt, this man even had a scar on his chin similar to the one Pedro Infante got after an accident during the filming of the movie "A toda máquina" in 1951. Soon, Antonio Pedro began to claim that he was the real Pedro Infante, even claiming royalties and assuring that he came from "Un pueblo norteño", which reinforced the suspicions of a fake.

Finally, the self-proclaimed Pedro Infante died in 2013, being buried in the Municipal Cemetery of Delicias, Chihuahua, where hundreds of fans come every year convinced that he was the real singer and seek to preserve his memory.

There are those who still claim that Antonio Pedro was the real idol of Pedro Infante.
Given the great physical resemblance, some still claim that Antonio Pedro was the real idol of Pedro Infante. Photo: YouTube @Viajero73

Was Antonio Pedro the real Pedro Infante?

On the Youtube site, there is an alleged video of Antonio Pedro singing some songs in 2005; however, if it was the real Pedro Infante, he would have been 88 years old at the time of the recording.

Not only did Antonio Pedro bear a physical resemblance to Pedro Infante, but many claimed that his daughter Lupita Infante knew him through the years; however, tired of controversy, she said she was willing to submit to DNA tests to prove the alleged family ties, but no one responded to her call.

About Antonio Pedro, Lupita investigated the man and discovered that he was five years younger than her brother, and she always accused him of being an impostor.

This is what Pedro Infante looked like when he had a metal plate put in his head

El Ídolo del Pueblo, Pedro Infante, suffered a plane crash in 1949 in Zitácuaro, Michoacán, which caused a serious head injury. After the accident, doctors placed a metal plate in his head; photos show the extensive surgery that the singer of "Cien años" underwent.

Pedro Infante was piloting a Cessna light aircraft from Acapulco, Guerrero. In the images, you can see how the artist looked after the metal plate placed into his head. Pedro Infante is still remembered by a large part of the public. Due to the plane crash, he lost hearing in one of his ears.

His great love was Blanca Estela Pavón and they starred in a torrid romance that has reached immortality with their leading roles in the trilogy of "Pepe, el Toro": "Nosotros los pobres", "Ustedes los ricos" and "Pepe, el Toro".

It is said that the chemistry between the two went beyond the filming studios and a love affair even developed between them. What can be proved is that they are the figures of one of the most romantic scenes in Mexican cinema, when "Pepe, el Toro" sings to "Celia", the "Chorreada", "Amorcito corazón".

Pedro Infante plane crash site in 1957.
Pedro Infante plane crash site in 1957.

Pedro Infante died on April 15, 1957, when he was piloting an airplane, which crashed on the patio of a house in Mérida, Yucatán.

Pedro Infante is in the hospital after the plane crash.
Pedro Infante is in the hospital after the plane crash.

On May 22, 1949, Pedro Infante in Zitácuaro, Michoacan suffers an accident, he was piloting a Cessna T-50 light plane coming from Acapulco, and he was accompanied by Lupita Torrentera. He suffered a severe head injury, from the middle of his forehead to his left ear.

Pedro Infante after the plane crash.
Pedro Infante after the plane crash.

As a result of this mishap, he lost his hearing in one ear. He was fitted with a platinum plate. It is from this mishap that his love life was exposed. From that moment on he became a sportsman. He was diagnosed with diabetes.