Paris Hilton arrives in Mexico and causes a stir at the airport

The businesswoman and socialite Paris Hilton was received by her fans, who asked her for photographs, followed her and were able to see her up close for a few minutes.

Paris Hilton in Mexico. Photo: Agencies
Paris Hilton in Mexico. Photo: Agencies

Paris Hilton caused a stir on Monday when she arrived at Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) from Los Angeles, California. The main reason for her visit is to promote her new fragrance ''Electrify''.

When she saw her followers waiting for her, the businesswoman and socialite recorded a video that she shared in her Instagram account accompanied by the following words "Just landing in Mexico City for the launch of my 25th 'Electrify' fragrance. I am very happy and excited to be here. "I love all my fans very much".

Regarding her new perfume, the socialité said: 'What I like most about being a DJ is the explosion of energy that I bring to the stage and bring happiness to a multitude of people. I wanted to capture that feeling in a scent and celebrate the self-confident woman that is the life of the party".

Hilton wore a red knit sweater that he combined with tight, navy blue pants that had a red stripe on the sides of his own clothing line. As he was leaving the terminal, he took pictures with his fans. She even held the cell phones in order to get a better "selfie".

Although the main reason for Paris Hilton's visit is the launch of her new fragrance, she explained that she is also in Mexico to live with her followers, make some appearances, sign autographs, attend some interviews and photo sessions, as well as attend business meetings. The businesswoman added that she will be doing charity work as well as overseeing all the financial aid she provided to the people affected after the 2017 earthquake.

Regarding his future projects, Hilton said she is working on her new book and another perfume, as well as her makeup and clothing line. She also announced that she will release a new album. But, definitely, the project that has her most excited is the movie that will be released about the story of her life.

It's worth noting that Paris Hilton's fragrance collection, which was launched in 2004, has sold more than $2 billion and continues to be one of the top-selling and most recognized celebrity brands.

In recent weeks, the famous businesswoman has suffered a personal loss: the death of her grandfather, who died at age 91 last month. In this regard, Hilton has stated in various media that it has been very difficult for her, since her grandfather was very close, and that he always represented total support. "All my life I have admired him, he has been my mentor and he is a legend".

Among the most emotional thoughts, Paris has about her grandfather's death is that, although she is heartbroken, she tries to remember that he lived a full life, full of love and joy, and that it comforts her, as well as knowing that she is already with her grandmother. To conclude, the socialité said: "He (her grandfather) created this incredible legacy, and I'm going to continue with his legacy".

By Agencies

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