The hot season in Mexico has arrived and, with it, rich combinations of freshness and colors that the Mexican countryside offers us. We are talking about the famous preparation from Morelia, Michoacán, the gazpacho.

The gastronomy of Morelia always surprises us with exquisite culinary proposals, some with roots in pre-Hispanic cultures and others with the influence of Spanish cuisine. Without being a typical dish of traditional cuisine, gazpacho or Morelia gazpacho is already a symbol of the gastronomy of the place.

This craving is traditionally prepared by combining pineapple, jicama, and mango; grated cheese (cotija), lemon juice, onion, chopped green bell pepper, orange juice, a touch of vinegar, and salt to taste are added. Feel like it?

There are already different versions of the "original" gazpacho, some include other fruits, such as watermelon or orange pieces, and they decorate them with cilantro, onion, and local sauce; whatever the reason, to take care of your figure, to lower the heat or just for the simple craving of savoring something unique, fresh and delicious, a Morelian gazpacho is an excellent option to enjoy on any occasion.