Monkeypox in Puerto Vallarta: more cases of the disease

Monkeypox in Puerto Vallarta. Should you be worried about the first cases of the disease? After two of the first cases of monkeypox were reported in Puerto Vallarta, hoteliers in the region have the following opinion.

Monkeypox in Puerto Vallarta: more cases of the disease
Man managed to flee when he was suspected of having the monkeypx disease. Image: Agencies

On June 7, the Jalisco Ministry of Health announced the first suspected case of monkeypox in a 48-year-old man, originally from and resident of Dallas, Texas (USA), who visited Puerto Vallarta for tourism purposes accompanied by his partner. The man started showing symptoms on May 30: cough, chills, muscle pain, and pustule-like lesions on his face, neck, and trunk, for which he went to a private hospital for medical attention. After suspicion of the disease, the medical staff asked him to remain in isolation; however, he refused and fled the unit.

Even though the International Health Department of Puerto Vallarta was notified and informed the National Institute of Migration and the airlines about what had happened, the man was able to travel to the U.S., where health authorities confirmed and notified Jalisco that he had indeed contracted smallpox. State health authorities implemented actions for the detection and care of probable cases of this disease throughout the state.

More monkeypox cases in Puerto Vallarta

On June 11, two more cases of the disease occurred: a 40-year-old man, originally from Toronto, Canada, and a resident of Puerto Vallarta, who was at the beach club in the same place and on the same dates as the first case in the Entity. The third infection corresponds to a 23-year-old woman, a resident of Zapopan, who reported having interacted with foreigners in the last few days.

After two of the first cases of simian smallpox occurred in Jalisco, hoteliers in Vallarta assure that there is no risk, because it was focused on a beach club. The president of the Puerto Vallarta Hotel Association, Alvaro Garciarce Monraz assured us that so far he does not see a probable risk, since all health protocols are being followed.

"We as hoteliers continue as always applying the protocols required by the health authorities. We continue with the COVID-19 protocols and the fortuitous case of monkeypox that occurred is practically very controlled, it was very focused and in the traditional hotel industry we have not had any case of anything", commented the businessman.

However, the official emphasized that he is aware that most of the collaborators work in hotels, beach clubs, and restaurants at different times, for that reason the surveillance of the personnel is also constant, he said. "The protocols are always carried obviously of entry in the hotels of the collaborators and constant management for any situation. We have not lowered our guard and that gives us a considerable reduction of any type of illness," he said.

The hotelier sent a message to national and international tourists, pointing out that there is nothing to worry about. "There is no problem, Puerto Vallarta is safe, the hotel industry continues to implement the protocols, the authorities as well, I feel that it is very controlled and there is nothing to worry about", he said.