Discover 17 festivals in Michoacán for the entire year

Throughout the year you can find culture in all its splendor with the different festivals of international stature that Michoacán has for you.

Discover 17 festivals in Michoacán for the entire year
The state of Michoacán offers festivalsall year round. Photo by Matt Hanns Schroeter / Unsplash

Culture in all its splendor that throughout the year you can find the various festivals of international stature that Michoacán has for you. Let yourself be amazed by each one of them and put your emotions to the surface. Delight each one of your senses and take with you an unforgettable memory.

Nuevo Parangaricutiro Kurpites Dance Festival


Carved masks, mirrors on the face, embroidered aprons, hats, and necklaces are part of the costumes of the participants of the Kurpites dance, a characteristic event of San Juan Nuevo.

Borregón Pelican Festival


Events, cultural, sporting, and musical among which the natural performance of the Borregón pelicans stands out. They can be generous with the visitors, throughout the day they perform a sort of aquatic ballet in Chapala Lake.

International Surf Festival


With impressive waves the destination of Sun and Beach in Michoacán dresses up to be the center of international attention for sports and cultural activities, is surfing the one that during three days of competition shows national and foreign talents how Michoacán is the ideal place to practice this activity.

Monarch Butterfly Festival


Cultural and sports festival, where one of the objectives is to raise awareness among the population about the conservation and protection of the monarch butterfly, which is welcomed in Michoacán with open arms year after year.

Michoacan Gastronomy Festival


Meeting of Traditional Cooks of the State where more than 50 traditional cooks gather as well as workshops, conferences, and diverse cultural activities, where the gastronomy is exposed from the heart and hands of the traditional cooks as well as the preservation of the identity of the recipes and preparations.

Festival of the Holy Cross Angangueo


Festival where the Cultural, the ceremonial of the Catholic Religion is celebrated to the Holy Cross, presentation of sawdust carpets by the main streets. Fireworks and different activities are not to be missed.

Morelia en Boca


International Festival of gastronomy and wine of Mexico, where renowned national and international chefs meet, being the main ingredient the flavor that you can not miss.

Cantoya Balloon Festival

July / August

Manufacture and exhibition of Cantoya balloons as well as balloon contests.

National Hammered Copper Fair


The work, skill, and creativity of Michoacan artisans to create unique handicrafts with this material are shown.

Paracho Guitar Festival


Singing and magic come together, where you can enjoy concerts, conferences, master classes, exhibitions, presentations, and a national contest of interpreters that exalts the rich culture of a prosperous municipality with talent and vocation.

Mezcalmania Festival


Having denomination of origin of this traditional drink in Michoacán has acquired a strong takeoff in the most demanding palate, which is why different producers of this drink come together in this event to show the world what mezcal is for Mexico.

Purepecha Race Festival


The Purépecha plateau dresses up to show the main Dances, Bands, Orchestras, and Pirekuas of the four regions: Lacustre, Sierra, La cañada de los 11 pueblos, and the Tarecuato region where they participate and the best is the winner.

Feratum Horror, Science Fiction Film Festival


The Festival that has been positioning itself in the genre of suspense, horror, and science fiction takes place in one of the magical destination towns Tlalpujahua.

Morelia International Film Festival


The seventh art could not have chosen a better place for the development of this international festival where you will find film exhibitions of national and international producers, international premieres, and different cultural activities that give a touch of elegance to everything that surrounds this event. International talents are witnesses of what Michoacán has to offer and enjoy.

International Festival of Traditional Purepecha and Blue Grass Music


The magical town of Tzintzuntzan hosts this magnificent festival where Purépecha music fuses with bluegrass music to delight the most demanding ears, where similarities are found between the culture of Michoacán and the culture of the United States.

International Music Festival, Miguel Bernal Jiménez


The festival is part of the best festivities and celebrations of Morelia that take place every year, it has a great tradition and trajectory where you can delight your senses with one of the artistic manifestations such as music.

International Organ Festival


This important festival is the best opportunity to delight yourself with the beautiful sonority produced by the Monumental Organ "San Gregorio Magno" of the Cathedral of Morelia, with its 4600 flutes, which date from the early twentieth century and were brought from Germany. You can enjoy the melodies that emerge from this majestic instrument in a family atmosphere that you can not miss.

Source: Secretary of Tourism of Michoacán