Mexico's War on Crime and Achievements in Security

Mexico's President López Obrador highlights victories against crime, declining homicide rates, and health efforts. He faces political challenges but reaffirms a peaceful transition in his last government report.

Mexico's War on Crime and Achievements in Security
President López Obrador addresses the nation, emphasizing victories in the fight against crime and declining homicide rates.

In his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) addressed a range of critical issues concerning crime, security, health, and political challenges in Mexico. The President emphasized his administration's commitment to fighting impunity and making strides in various sectors.

Zero Impunity in the Fight Against Crime

Authorities reported several significant victories in the battle against crime. From July 11 to 24, two individuals were extradited to the United States—one for murder and the other for aggravated homicide. Additionally, the arrest of alleged members of the notorious criminal group "La Familia Michoacana" was highlighted. The group was accused of abandoning human remains in the streets of Valle de Toluca, State of Mexico, causing widespread fear and concern among citizens.

Furthermore, Gabriel "N," an alleged rapist of a minor in Puebla, was successfully arrested, bringing some solace to victims of sexual violence.

In response to the recent fire tragedy in the Central de Abasto, authorities apprehended and sentenced nine individuals responsible for the incident that claimed almost a dozen lives.