Mexico and Canada Clash for Final Beach Volleyball Olympic Spot in Tlaxcala

Mexico's Gutierrez/Torres and Canada's Bansley/Bukovec face off for the final Olympic beach volleyball spot in Tlaxcala. Both duos undefeated, battle promises to be epic and rewrite sporting careers.

Mexico and Canada Clash for Final Beach Volleyball Olympic Spot in Tlaxcala
Canada's Dearing/Schachter stand firm against Mexico's Virgen/Galindo in a battle for Olympic glory. Credit: CONADE

The die is cast in the Tlaxcala Beach Volleyball Pre-Olympic 2024, because after three days of electrifying activity, the teams that will compete for the last available tickets to attend the Olympic Games in Paris are already known, and as if it were a movie script, everything will be defined in an exciting clash between two nations: Mexico and Canada.

The duos Atenas Gutiérrez/Susana Torres and Juan Virgen/Ricardo Galindo have defended their territory tooth and nail, as they have won all their matches played so far (three in the group stage, quarterfinals and semifinals), and are only one victory away from qualifying for the Olympics and writing their name in the history of Mexican sport and of the Tlaxcala state.

The challenge will not be easy, since the last barrier that separates them from being in the great event is made up of two experienced pairs that have the goal of conquering glory on Mexican soil: Heather Bansley/Sophie Bukovec and Daniel Dearing/Samuel Schachter.

Both Canadian duos, ranked 24th in the world, are undefeated in the tournament and have not lost a single set (as have Gutierrez and Torres). In addition, Bansley is a two-time Olympian (Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020), Bukovec was world runner-up in 2022 and Schachter also has Olympic participation (Rio 2016), so they will be an imminent danger in every point that is disputed.

The historic Plaza de Toros Jorge 'El Ranchero' Aguilar has become recently the epicenter of the best beach volleyball in the world, and this afternoon will host two clashes that will not only decide the winners of two quotas to the great event, but will mark an era and also the sporting career of the eight involved.

Gutierrez/Torres and Bansley/Bukovec will light up the sand at 5:00 p.m., while Virgen/Galindo and Dearing/Schachter will do the same as soon as the first match between countries that will make the center of Tlaxcala rumble.