Mexican Showjumpers on the Road to Paris

Mexico hosted the Longines Global Champions Tour, a key qualifier for the Paris 2024 Olympics. National riders Carlos Hank Guerreiro and José Alberto Martínez Vázquez impressed with top 5 finishes. Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane also shone, placing 8th. The team is looking strong for the Olympics.

Mexican Showjumpers on the Road to Paris
A horse and rider clear a high jump during a showjumping competition. Credit: CONADE

For the seventh year, Mexico organized the Global Champions Tour, considered a five-star event in the international equestrian world, which was held at the Campo Militar Marte in the country's capital, an ideal place to hold this event, according to Juan Manuel Cossio, president of the Mexican Equestrian Federation (FEM).

“To create an event of this magnitude only the Campo Militar Marte lends itself, since it has the stables, paddocks, office and stands, also the important thing is the spaciousness of the terrain, every year it has been cataloged as the best date of the series and this year we are going to improve it by far,” said the leader.

With a track designed by the Mexicans Benjamín Fernández and Anderson Lima, together with the Canadian Peter Grant, the national riders Carlos Hank Guerreiro and José Alberto Martínez Vázquez shined with an outstanding participation.

“Today on a very difficult track with 1.60 meter obstacles, riders Carlos Hank and Alberto Martinez went to the tiebreaker along with three foreigners, and I would have wanted a podium for our compatriots, but the fourth and fifth place they got, in the given order, is a very good result for us, given that the best in the world are there”, said Cossio.

This event is part of the Mexican riders' preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games; team leader Mark Laskin will be responsible for observing the most outstanding teams during the season to attend the summer competition.

“A great showcase for the team manager Mark Laskin to deliver the list to the Olympic Committee and the FEI based on results, the healthy horses with a month to go, because this was a very good X-ray for him to see them,” said the head of the FEM.

On the other hand, the national team Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane (Hortensia van de Leeuwerk), closed an outstanding work in the number eight position in the third date of the series at the Campo Militar Marte.

“I am very excited, and it was an incredible opportunity to have participated in these five stars at the Campo Marte, happy with the result of the grand prix,” said Gonzalez Dufrane.

The rider, who already represented Mexico in Tokyo 2020, is confident of achieving his ticket to the Paris Games. “My goal is to be part of that team, a pride to represent Mexico in what could be my second Olympic Games,” he concluded.