Netflix and Amazon will have to upload Mexican series

Streaming platforms operating in Mexico must reserve 10% of their catalog for Mexican series and movies whose production does not exceed 25 years ago.

Netflix and Amazon will have to upload Mexican series
Photo by Charles Deluvio / Unsplash

Digital platforms will be obliged to reserve 10% of their catalog to Mexican productions that are not controlled by the platform itself, whose production does not exceed 25 years ago and will also use algorithms to promote them, establishes the new Federal Law of Cinematography and Audiovisual that will be endorsed by the Senate.

The new law provides that all foreign film productions must be shown with Spanish subtitles, and according to the preferences of audiences and the regions of the country, up to 60% of the copies of these films will be dubbed into Spanish.

The united Commission of Radio, Television, and Cinematography and the Second Legislative Studies Commission is preparing to endorse this law proposed by the coordinator of the Morena senators, Ricardo Monreal, to promote a greater impulse to national productions in the film industry and in the spaces where they are exhibited.

The new law creates the National Information System of the Film Industry, which will analyze the operation of fiscal stimuli and will register the individuals and companies that make up the various sectors of the audiovisual industry but will also verify that movie theaters, cultural spaces that exhibit films and digital platforms comply with the obligation of national content.

According to the ruling that was distributed to all members of the united commissions, digital platforms will reserve 10% of their catalog for national film and audiovisual productions, whose production does not exceed 25 years ago. These must be produced by a national producer, which is not controlled by the corresponding platform or is subject to a common control with a company that is part of the economic interest group of the platform itself.

10% of the catalog of digital platforms in Mexico will have to be allocated to Mexican productions not controlled by the platform.

To promote the viewing of the catalog of national cinematographic and audiovisual works, the platforms, in terms of the regulation, must generate the necessary algorithms to ensure the promotion to the end-user in all the windows, segments, and communication channels through which they offer the works.

Although Monreal originally pushed for all foreign productions to be dubbed into Spanish, the new law mandates that, as a general rule, cinematographic works must be shown in their original language and subtitled into Spanish.

Depending on the preferences of the audiences and the regions of the country, up to 60% of the total number of copies to be shown in the national territory may be dubbed. Films classified for children and educational documentaries may be shown dubbed into Spanish, but always with Spanish subtitles.