Mexico News by Mexicanist on 27 April 2023

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Mexico News by Mexicanist on 27 April 2023
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Welcome to your news update, amigos! It's Mexicanist with today's latest headlines from Mexico!

Let's start with some pretty disturbing news - 13 investigative police officers in the state of Mexico were nearly lynched! Yes, you heard that right. A mob of angry locals attempted to take matters into their own hands and attack the officers. Thankfully, the police managed to escape unharmed. Phew!

Moving on to social media, TikTok has removed 81 accounts for promoting crimes in Sonora. Finally, some good news! It's about time these tech companies crack down on such behavior.

But unfortunately, the good news stops there. A teacher in Chilpancingo was murdered in front of the kindergarten where she worked. How tragic! Our condolences go out to her family and loved ones.

Another teacher in Tepic was found guilty of rape. Ugh, what is going on with these teachers? We hope justice is served for the victim.

In other news, a metal structure at Santa Lucia Military Air Base was knocked down by strong winds, injuring six people. Yikes, sounds like a scary situation!

A woman threw boiling coffee at a dog and is now facing criminal proceedings. Seriously, who does that? Let's hope she learns her lesson and treats animals with the respect they deserve.

The Army is being accused of 'stalling' the investigation into the Iguala case by the relatives of normalistas. Come on, guys, let's get to the bottom of this.

In more legal news, three ex-officials and a businessman have been sentenced to prison for milk that 'disappeared' in Segalmex. Milk? Really? What's next, disappearing cheese?

A teacher and PT leader were arrested for the rape of a teenage girl in Zacatecas. It's disheartening to see people in positions of power abusing their authority.

A clash between gunmen and police in Zacatecas left five people dead. Violence like this is never the answer.

A request to remove a mayor's immunity for a murder accusation was admitted in Zacatecas. Looks like some serious drama is going down there.

In Mexico City, 'La Hamburguesa', the operator of the Tepito Union in Azcapotzalco, was arrested. That's a pretty bold name for someone "operating a burger joint", don't you think?

In some lighter news, Black Mirror has released a trailer for its sixth season featuring Salma Hayek. Can't wait to binge-watch that!

And finally, Disney is suing the Florida governor for a 'punishment' campaign. This is not the happiest place on earth, folks. That's it for today's news! Stay tuned for tomorrow's headlines from Mexico!