Latest Mexico News Highlights on 10 April 2023

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Latest Mexico News Highlights on 10 April 2023
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Mexican president, AMLO, has made a few headlines lately, but let's focus on the country's news beyond his statements. Recently, the National Guard withdrew from the Metro because they believe they have reduced accidents. However, many are questioning this move since the country still saw over 500 murders during Easter Week.

In other news, Cancun airport will soon have a connection with the Mayan Train. This move aims to boost tourism, which has been struggling due to the pandemic.

But not everything is looking up for Mexico. The neglect of the countryside has become a concern for Emiliano Zapata's grandson, who recently spoke out about the issue. Additionally, animal abuse in Sonora has been on the rise, which has angered many.

In Nuevo Leon, a newborn was abandoned inside a tire. Thankfully, the baby was found and is currently receiving care. On a similar note, the Salvadoran government is demanding justice and reparations ten years after Dafne's femicide.

Meanwhile, 27 foreigners who were kidnapped were rescued and handed over to INM. On the other hand, violence in Guerrero has led many to seek refuge in the United States. However, the risk of fecal matter on Tijuana's beaches hasn't stopped swimmers from flocking to them.

Lastly, César Duarte is threatening to reveal more names, while Antonio Tarín attempted to cancel his trial against him. In more positive news, a Cuban porphyrite stone will be used in the Mayan Train project. That's the news roundup for Mexico today. Keep safe!