Mexican beverages and different flavors that distinguish them

You are welcome to taste the flavors of Mexico and you are encouraged to check out the different products with which these refreshing beverages are prepared.

Mexican beverages and different flavors that distinguish them
Exotic cocktails. Photo by Kobby Mendez / Unsplash

Mexico stands out for many reasons that have to do with its great variety of customs, gastronomy, and the great pride it takes in its roots. Have you tried any of these Mexican beverages? Throughout the history of Mexico, there has been a tradition of making, tasting, and sharing with the family different beverages that are distinguished and refreshing on hot days.


Traditional of the northern mountains of Puebla. A liqueur made from the wild strawberry of the same name; very similar to the capulin. Coming from the beginning of the century. In Hidalgo, there is also this drink, which is prepared with wines of different fruits; blackberry, orange, lemon, apple, and guava.


Traditional refreshing liquor from Guanajuato. It receives its name because its preparation is based on barley, fruit, and sodium carbonate. The most traditional since 50 years ago is cebadina de jamaica. It is an excellent digestive and ensures even aphrodisiac!


Distilled endemic to Chiapas. Preparation of Creole corn, sugar cane, and wheat. Its origins date back to the Mayan culture. Symbol of brotherhood, taken at the end of important events as a sign of communion.


Popular and widely consumed in Tabasco. A thick drink made with corn and cocoa. The ancient inhabitants drank it for being an endurance nutrient for long trips. Nowadays there is a very popular saying about this drink; "the visitor who drinks pozol and likes it stays to live in Tabasco".


Handmade beverages, mainly consumed in Chihuahua. Distilled from the pineapple of the Dasylirion wheeleri plant. Drink that has been consumed for eight hundred years. In September 2002, it was regulated with a denomination of origin.


Traditional of Chiapas. Drink prepared with corn, cocoa, annatto, chile, pine nuts, and cinnamon. Its consumption dates from pre-Hispanic times. Currently has a designation of origin.


A traditional drink in Oaxaca. Prepared with cornflour, cocoa, mamey seeds, and cocoa flower. Its history begins from the pre-Hispanic era, where it was used for ceremonial purposes. Nowadays, the "Feria del Tejate" is celebrated every year in the municipality of San Andrés Huayapam, Oaxaca.


It is common in Colima. An exotic drink coming from the coconut palm; it is obtained by cutting the bunch of coconuts before it flowers. It arrived in Mexico in the 16th century, coming from the Philippines. It is consumed naturally or prepared with pieces of fruit to taste.


The liquor is produced in Yucatan. Its base is honey from bees fed with the xtabentún flower, which means "vines that grow on stones". Ancestral drink of Mayan origin, used in ceremonial rituals. It is taken as an aperitif or digestive.

Be sure to taste the flavors of Mexico and try the different products used to prepare these refreshing beverages.