Mexican Athletes Smash Records at Pan American Games

President AMLO's morning conference brought a whirlwind of updates: fuel prices, Mayan Train progress, hurricane relief efforts in Guerrero, athletes' triumph at the Pan American Games, and even a shoutout to Mexican baseball.

Mexican Athletes Smash Records at Pan American Games
President AMLO addresses the nation with updates on fuel prices, Mayan Train progress, and hurricane relief efforts in Guerrero.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather 'round because it's time for the most electrifying, edge-of-your-seat show in town: the morning conference with none other than President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO). It's the potpourri of Mexico's daily happenings that's fresher than your grandma's homemade tortillas. Buckle up because it's a wild ride from gas prices to the Mayan Train to athletes and everything in between.

Fuel Prices

At 07:20 AM, David Aguilar Romero, the head honcho of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), threw some fuel facts our way. Last week, regular gasoline was sizzling at 22.60 pesos, premium gasoline at 24.70 pesos, and diesel at 24.04 pesos. That's some fuego info.

They got an app called “Litro por litro” that's the talk of the town. It's where they get 304 complaints and do 272 verification visits, just like a gasoline detective. They even check the gas stations' bathrooms – now, that's thorough. For all you LP gas lovers, it's 17.78 pesos per kilo for the cylinder and 9.61 pesos per liter for the stationary gas. Get your wallets ready.

And hold your breath – the prices for the 24 items in the basic food basket are as unpredictable as your cat's mood, going up and down like a seesaw. In the central zone, prices ranged from 770.20 pesos to a whopping 1033.30 pesos for the whole package.

Mayan Train is On Track

Remember that Mayan Train we've all been excited about? It's chugging along! The second section of this mega project is making waves, benefiting a whopping 535,000 people as of now. And if you're a numbers' person, they've completed 234 kilometers of road, and they've got five viaducts in the Campeche Railway Beltway, spanning a cool 18.76 kilometers. They're going to officially open the Mayan Train on December 15 – mark your calendars!

We can't forget the unsung heroes – the suppliers of the Mayan Train. Carso Infraestructura, FCC Constructores, and Grupo Alstom are the powerhouses behind the scenes. Grupo Alstom, in particular, deserves a shoutout for sourcing 72% of materials for the train project from Mexico. They've got suppliers in eight Mexican states, and they're like the secret ingredients in a taco recipe – essential!

Diego Prieto, the head of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), told us they've wrapped up the fieldwork in section 2 of the Mayan Train. But the lab work continues. They've found and preserved thousands of goodies, from immovable elements to human remains, like a treasure hunt for history nerds.

The Mayan Train is soon to be open for business. Tickets go on sale December 1st, and they're 10% cheaper than the bus. Hurry and book your seats because right now, there are only four trains – they'll be full faster than a piñata at a birthday party.

Guerrero, You're Not Alone

Our man, President López Obrador, wanted to emphasize that Guerrero is not alone in facing the aftermath of Hurricane “Otis.” The Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar), and the National Guard have deployed close to 20,000 troops to lend a hand. The goal is to restore tranquility and normality to the affected areas. Food supplies, meals, and even household goods are being distributed, and around 60 gas stations are back in business. We're not out of the woods yet, but the light is shining through.

The hotel sector in Acapulco is gearing up for a comeback. President López Obrador announced that the Tianguis Turístico in April 2024 is a go, and 35 hotels are working hard to be ready by then. So, if you're looking for a beachfront vacation, keep an eye out for the hot deals!

Just to clear the air, there's no budget limit when it comes to helping the folks in Guerrero after Hurricane “Otis.” They're going all out to support the people. President López Obrador even mentioned that 172,000 homes have been registered, and they'll provide direct support based on the damage suffered. They're also loading up on 3 million baskets with 24 products for the affected zone – that's a lot of groceries!

López Obrador pointed out that there's no budget limit to help the people of Guerrero. He's all about the people's voice and wants to use polls to decide the candidates. No funny business, just straightforward democracy. And remember those 47 disaster zones in Guerrero? Well, they're correcting that – it's only two, Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez. Oops!

National Guard Expansion

As if that's not enough, President López Obrador unveiled a security plan that includes building facilities for 10,000 National Guard members. Safety first, amigos!

The President clarified it that the government has no ties with organized crime. He's here because the people put him in the presidential seat, not some gangster. Crime rates, especially homicides, are on the decline. They're also tackling the fentanyl issue to keep violence in check.

APEC Forum and Vulcan Materials

Mexico is stepping into the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) to help out our Latin American and Caribbean neighbors. They want to allocate resources for development and reduce the number of people seeking refuge in the US. They're also looking at issues like the blockade of Cuba and a matter concerning Vulcan Materials – sounds heavy.

Gold Rush at Pan American Games

Mexican athletes rocked the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023! They bagged 142 medals, 52 of them gold. Over 30 of those gold medals were snagged by athletes from the Army. Awards are on the way, thanks to the National Institute to Return the Stolen Prize (INDEP).

Here's a curveball – President López Obrador is rooting for Benjamín Gil as the next manager for the San Diego Padres. He's putting his hopes on Alfredo Harp Helú, a shareholder in the Padres, to make it happen. It's a home run for Mexican baseball.

Oaxaca-Puerto Escondido Highway

A little hiccup on the Oaxaca-Puerto Escondido highway – it collapsed. It was supposed to open soon, but heavy rains made some slopes take a dive. Now, they're saying it'll take two to three months to fix it up.

Philosopher's Farewell

A heartfelt goodbye goes out to philosopher Enrique Dussel, who passed away at the age of 88. He was a part of the transformation movement, and his contributions are cherished.

Mental Health Matters

Finally, mental health is getting a boost. The President is pushing for psychologists in IMSS Bienestar hospitals to help young people in five crucial areas. It's all about making life better for everyone.

And that, my dear readers, wraps up another episode with President AMLO. Stay curious, stay informed, and stay tuned for the next wild ride through Mexico's morning news.