Mestizo dogs, favorites and most loved in Mexico

Some 57 out of every 100 households in Mexico have a pet, and among them, dogs are people's favorite animal, standing out with 89% preference. Thus, Mexico is one of the countries with the most dogs in Latin America, which makes it an attractive market for companies dedicated to the pet industry.

Mestizo dogs, favorites and most loved in Mexico
Mixed-breed dogs, the favorite and most loved in Mexico. Image: Pixabay

In Mexico, 57 out of 100 households have a pet, and among them, dogs are the favorite animal of people, standing out with 89% preference, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Because of this, Mexico is one of the countries with more dogs in Latin America, making it an attractive market for companies dedicated to the pet industry.

Keeping these figures in mind, DogHero, the largest dog lover community in Latin America that connects hosts with pet owners for their lodging, conducted its Canine Census 2019, a survey in which data of about 16 were included a thousand dogs, to know the trends in preferences of pet owners in the main cities of Mexico.

"The DogHero community is characterized by its love of animals, and dogs in particular. Using the information of the registered users in our platform, we could elaborate a census to know the preferences of the lovers of the dogs, and from them, to know better our public. This allows us to personalize and improve the service we offer, "explained Eduardo Baer, co-founder of DogHero.

Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puebla, presented the most significant figures on dog preferences. In Mexico City are the dogs without defined race, better known as mestizos, the favorites. In second and third place of preferences are the chihuahua and schnauzer races, respectively.

While the most common names in this city are: Luna, Lola, and Maia. The census developed by the platform also revealed that there is a slightly higher preference for females, with 50.4% of the records.

In the case of the cities of Puebla and Guadalajara, both showed preference to the same dog breeds as the capital of the country, leaving first the mestizos, second the chihuahua, and third the schnauzer. Both cities prefer male dogs, Puebla registers a percentage of 55.4% preference, while in Guadalajara there is a preference of 50.3% over this sex.

The most common names for Guadalajara are Camila, Jack, and Luna, while in the case of Puebla they tend to name their pets with the names Lucca, Capo, and Kiara, in order of popularity.

Monterrey is the only city among the 4 with the highest participation in the DogHero Census, whose preferences include a couple of races different from the general trend. In descending order, the most popular races of the royal capital are the Yorkshire, followed by the mestizos, and in the end the pugs.

In this case, the most popular names registered are Roco, Bruno, and Molly, in first, second, and third place, respectively. In turn, the preference in sex leans towards the females, showing the highest number of preferences towards them among the rest of the cities, with 53.3%.

"These figures could change during the next year, due to the increase in the trend of pet adoption. Many households usually have more than one animal companion, and we hope to have more data later to develop another radiography on dogs in Mexico that will allow us to better know the users who love animals, "said the director.