Mazatlan's Hurricane Hiccups Can't Dampen the Beach Buzz

Mazatlan bounces back after Hurricane Lidia, allowing beachgoers back in while a solar eclipse beckons from the Lighthouse. Watch out for a spooky Halloween, illegal animal trade, a big fishing tournament, and a local boxer's shot at a championship.

Mazatlan's Hurricane Hiccups Can't Dampen the Beach Buzz
Mazatlan's Lighthouse, the perfect stage for the celestial show – a stunning solar eclipse.

The Aquatic Police of Mazatlan are out to make a splash! After Hurricane Lidia made its dramatic exit, the Aquatic Police informed beachgoers that it's once again safe to take a dip in the sapphire waters. But don't go doing a cannonball just yet! The turbulent tides left a legacy of undertow currents and sneaky ditches along the coastline, so you better keep your peepers peeled for that flag – you know, the one that lifeguards so gracefully installed for your safety. It's all about the color of the flag. If it's waving a cheery green, you're good to go. But if it's playing the melancholy red, you might want to stick to beachcombing.

In case you were hiding under a seashell during the hurricane, allow me to remind you: Mazatlan was merely sprinkled with raindrops when Hurricane Lidia crashed the beach party! A bit of swell got feisty, reaching a whopping three feet, so beach bums had to take a rain check on their oceanic adventures. But cheer up, dear swimmers! You can unfurl your beach towels and let your toes meet the sea, once Hurricane Lidia has had her fun and left the building.

Three Tourists Rescued

The Aquatic Rescue Squadron earned their superhero capes this week. Three brave souls from Jalisco found themselves in a bit of a jam, thanks to Lidia's lingering aquatic mischief. The Aquatic Police, while doing their bit for public awareness on the beach, spotted these three amigos getting cozy with an undertow current.

If it weren't for our trusty lifeguards, they could've ended up playing hide and seek with some rocks, and that's not how you win a beach vacation. The heroes-in-red sprang into action and gave these beachgoers a lift to safety. The tourists may have looked like they just finished a marathon, but at least they're in one piece and can continue their vacation playlist.

Eclipse at the Lighthouse

Now, for some celestial excitement! The Mazatlan Astronomical Center, in cahoots with the Head of the Secretariat of Economic Development, Tourism, and Fisheries, has a celestial treat lined up for all of us. This Saturday, October 14, the Mazatlan Lighthouse is your front-row seat to a partial solar eclipse. If that doesn't get your inner astronomer doing the moonwalk, what will? The eclipse will make its grand entrance at 8:00 am, completely free of charge. It's a show you wouldn't want to miss, so grab your shades and your camera for this celestial extravaganza.

Halloween Haunts and a Dash of Rave

The streets of Downtown Mazatlan are turning into a spooky wonderland as Halloween approaches. The shops have stocked up on costumes, pumpkins, skulls, witches' hats, and all sorts of goodies to help you transform into your spooktacular self. So whether you want to be a ghost, goblin, or gourdon, Mazatlan has you covered!

A 'rave' in a nightclub that had youngsters flocking like migratory birds was given a stern talking to! The mayor of Mazatlan caught wind of a little social media shindig, which turned out to be a clandestine party. The mayor, Rogelio Olivas Osuna, wasn't pleased to see the youthful revelers heading to the club, especially when there were already permits for the place to sling alcoholic beverages to the grown-ups. Tsk tsk! But hey, when life gives you lemons, make a non-alcoholic lemonade, kids.

Illegal Monkey Business

Someone's got an exotic taste for the wild side, and it's not just us inquiring minds. Ernesto Zazueta, the president of the Association of Zoos, Breeders, and Aquariums of Mexico, exposed a whole new level of monkey business. It turns out that trafficking in exotic animals like monkeys, macaws, turtles, and reptiles is on the rise in Mexico. A real mafia, you say? Mexico's ranking quite high in this not-so-prestigious league. It's time to protect our furry, feathery, and scaly friends from the black market's clutches.

Azcarm 2023 Congress

The Gran Acuario Mar De Cortés is the place to be from October 17 to 19 because it's hosting the Azcarm 2023 congress. With 250 folks from different zoos, aquariums, and sanctuaries, this gathering is all about conservation and species protection. The president of the Association of Zoos, Kennels, and Aquariums of Mexico wants everyone to huddle up and chat about saving our animal pals. A hundred institutions from Azcarm will join the party, so it's a chance to rub elbows with the bigwigs of the animal kingdom.

Fishing Fever and Boxing

Reel in the excitement, angling enthusiasts. The Selective Shore Fishing Tournament is coming to Mazatlan on October 14 and 15. Hosted by Club Pescados, this is where the best anglers in the state will be handpicked to represent Mexico in the Pan-American Games. So, don your fishing hat, grab your rod, and show 'em what you've got.

Speaking of fighting spirit, the Germán Evers arena is about to get heated on October 20 for the “Championship Night.” Jesús “Veneno” Aréchiga, our local boxing sensation, will be throwing punches for the North American Championship in the super bantamweight category. If you want to cheer for this local hero, grab a ticket for $200 pesos or $500 pesos. Let's get ready to rumble.

Concordia Sky Puts on a Show

Concordia's about to host a celestial extravaganza of its own. Next Saturday, on October 14, they'll get to witness an annular solar eclipse. It'll last for three glorious hours, starting at 8:30 am. Local authorities are gearing up to welcome folks from nearby municipalities. So, if you've ever wanted to gaze at the sky while wearing your coolest sunglasses, this is your chance.

Mazatlan's Edible Forest

Do you dream of strolling through a forest, plucking fruits, nuts, and herbs as you go? Well, Mazatlan's thinking about making that dream come true with an 'Edible Forest.' It's a concept that's been making waves worldwide, and Mazatlan is ready to jump on the bandwagon. Inspired by a visit to Hamm, Germany, the Director of Ecology is keen on transforming Mazatlan into a haven for fruit trees, shrubs, herbs, and veggies.

And there you have it, dear readers. Mazatlan's got it all – from aquatic adventures to celestial shows and everything in between.