Mayan ball game is not dead and grows in popularity in Yucatan

Yucatan launched a new municipal school of "Pok Ta Pok", or the Mayan ball game, inspired by the sport that pre-Hispanic cultures practiced in this region and that already received its first participants in the municipality of Uman.

Mayan ball game Pok Ta Pok. Photo: Facebook/Estampas de México
Mayan ball game Pok Ta Pok. Photo: Facebook/Estampas de México

The idea of creating this institute is to rescue the cultural identity and, at the same time, inculcate an active life in young people, so it was located in the sports field Solidarity of the municipality.

José Manrique Esquivel, president of the Yucatán Association of Autochthonous Games and Sports, explained that, fortunately, many authorities are beginning to take an interest in the Mayan ball game:

Although it is a game, it is also a demanding discipline for those who play it. In Yucatan, new interested groups are emerging and, in fact, Mexico has just been crowned champion of the Pok ta Pok World Cup, which was held a few weeks ago at this entity.

The Mexican team was made up of athletes from the Yucatan municipality of Chapab de las Flores. In the competition, second place went to Belize and third to El Salvador.

It should be noted that the Yucatec team has been practicing this ancient game for 12 years, and with the new school of this municipality is expected to emerge new teams that can win in international competitions.

Source: Uno TV

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