Is marijuana legal in Mexico?

This is what the Mexican law resolved regarding marijuana that has a recreational use.

Is marijuana legal in Mexico?
Mexican law has resolved this with respect to marijuana for recreational use. Photo: Flickr

The date is approaching when thousands of marijuana consumers go out to the public squares of the Mexico City to demand the legalization of the plant for recreational use, recently an initiative was approved to change the laws regarding the consumption of grass recreationally, a few days have passed since this happened and here we will tell you what the senators resolved to change the law in Mexico.

Wednesday, April 20 is taken by marijuana consumers as a reference to the '4:20' number used by them to identify each other and as a sign to smoke or consume it in its multiple presentations even though it could be illegal to consume it in certain spaces.

With this law initiative in place, the marijuana industry continues to grow exponentially and every day it reaches new values given imminent legalization that could be coming to Mexico or not, as it depends on other factors.

One of the predetermined factors that will allow marijuana consumption in Mexico to be legal in the future will be that it will not be for minors under 18 years of age to prevent the promotion of its use. Although there will also be more severe laws such as cancer for those who illegally trade marijuana with penalties that could reach several years.

There is talk that Mexico could create an institute in charge of regulating the distribution and sale of this product among the population that wants the supply of this product, so it could be a viable economic alternative in the future for countries that bet on its commercialization.

Although a year has passed since the Senate approved the bill that makes legal the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes in Mexico, little is known about the little or no progress made on this issue in the chamber, since the resolution that stops criminalizing the self-cultivation and consumption of cannabis in the national territory has not yet been published.

The law initiative is still in progress and for now and in the middle of 2022 the law is not approved, so it is still completely illegal to smoke marijuana in Mexico, so if you are caught by the authorities in the middle of cannabis consumption you could be sent to the corresponding mayor's office.

It is expected that during the current session of the Senate, which ends on April 30, the issue of marijuana legalization in Mexico will be addressed again to allow its recreational use.