Model accuses Maluma of forcing her to have sex

The Colombian singer Maluma: The model Gretell Dorado said that the events occurred in the singer's suite next to his best friend "Pipe"

A video has come to light in which model Gretell Dorado holds an interview with Gabriel Cuevas, who she assured that the reggaeton player Maluma forced her to have sex with his best friend and him at the same time.

In the video that she holds with Cuevas, Gretell relates how the events happened, she mentioned that everything happened at the end of a concert that Maluma offered in Cancun, where there was an interaction between the two, she went on stage and after she sang to him, the singer kissed her and she reciprocated.

At the end of the concert, the model went to Maluma's suite, where there was "Pipe", the singer's best friend, with both of whom she confessed to having forced sex at the same time.

Gretell assures that while the events occurred she was unconscious and that she didn't enjoy the experience "it was horrible", and she assured that she has the right to have sexual relations with whoever she wants, "but they don't have to force you if you don't want to".

She also said that she had not dared to talk about it for fear of being judged and having been intimidated by Maluma's team, who forced her not to talk about the situation.

It was the march on March 9 that motivated the model to break the silence, however, she said that the singer's mother sought her out to ask her not to talk about what happened, an option that is not in Gretell's plans, since she claims to be a victim of Maluma.

Maluma is crowned as the world's sexiest Arab

The Colombian singer Maluma has surprised all of his Instagram fans by sharing a new photo in which he is wearing a typical Saudi Arabian suit and his fans assure him that he looks too cute and even consider him to be the sexiest Arab in the world.

Colombian singer Maluma
Colombian singer Maluma

At only 25 years of age, Maluma has managed to consolidate himself as one of the most important exponents of reggaeton in all of Latin America, since it is impossible to hide the great impact that his songs have on the most important charts of the music industry.

No one would believe that a Colombian boy, who is 2011 was just beginning to make a name for himself in the music world with his debut single "Farandulera," would today be considered an icon of the urban genre capable of collaborating with great luminaries of the artistic milieu.

Maluma's fame has been so great that it has even allowed him to take his music to places where no other reggaeton artist has managed to do so since we recently informed you that the singer was triumphing in Saudi Arabia, the country where he was performing for the first time.


Maluma has been characterized as a celebrity who is very close to his fans since through his social networks he tries to keep them up to date with his new musical projects and from time to time he tries to entertain them with some crazy stuff.

And this day has not been the exception as the performer of "Felices los 4" has shared a new photograph for his more than 48 million followers on Instagram where he wears a typical costume of the Arab lands and which is accompanied by a text that says: "MALUMA HABIBI ... شكرا".

Maluma assures in his publication, which has managed to surpass the 604,773 thousand likes in less than an hour, that he is very much in love with the culture of the country and that he hopes to see them again next year to put them to dance their greatest hits.

In the publication, you can find several comments by his fans who say: "I'm going to ask for a divorce and marry you", "You're the sexiest Arab in the world" and many others that highlight how handsome Maluma looks with that Kufiyya, the piece he wears on his head and which is a typical garment of the country.