How to choose major medical insurance if you're a woman

Every woman deserves to be protected and to have good health. Ensure that you have adequate coverage with significant medical insurance.

How to choose major medical insurance if you're a woman
Invest in good health insurance, the kind that covers large medical expenses. Photo by Stephen Andrews / Unsplash

The way we think and the actions we take about our health are directly influenced by the sociocultural context in which we develop. In Mexico, learning about health care is directly attributed to mothers.

It is undeniable that our moms are always there when we need them, but have you ever wondered who takes care of their health? Show your affection by protecting her health with major medical insurance, which will give her the economic peace of mind she deserves when she needs it.

Medical insurance for a working woman

Motherhood is an event in a woman's life cycle that changes the rhythm of her day-to-day life, both socially and economically. Thanks to the inclusion of women in the labor market, some working mothers have the benefit of protecting their health.

According to an analysis carried out by Sekura, a company that provides insurance, bonds, affinity, and assistance programs, major medical expense insurance is among the benefits most used by women.

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit's Statistical Analysis of Medical Expenses for 2020 shows that most insured women in Mexico (38%) are between the ages of 30 and 44.

The main reasons to choose a medical insurance

Protection against accidents or illness

Medical insurance is a financial tool that helps people face expenses generated by any accident or serious illness, including those such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, or hypertension, among others. This insurance is of great help in the event of needing to cover hospital, ambulance, and medical expenses, among others.

Pregnancy support

It provides peace of mind to expectant mothers by covering the costs of care and hospitalization for childbirth, whether natural or cesarean; it also provides support in the case of complications during pregnancy and in the event of any problem that the newborn may have that requires medical attention.

Access to psychological assistance

Some companies' major medical insurance plans include psychological coverage. This works when an accident or illness leaves a person with psychological damage that needs care. In these cases, women have access to therapy, psychiatric care, and medication.

How to take care of her?

If she no longer works or simply does not have major medical insurance but you do, you have the option of incorporating her into your family insurance. But before doing so, verify the benefits very well, since it is not always the best option. Keep in mind that if you add her to your family plan, you will not have the flexibility to modify her care since she will be subject to the conditions and coverage of the plan.

If your mother is elderly or has an illness that requires more specialized medical care or treatment, opt for a personal policy for her. The benefit of having their insurance is that they will be able to choose coverage more in line with their specific health needs. In addition, it will give them the flexibility to make changes if needed.

Coverages of major medical insurance policy

Orthopedic appliances
Physician and nursing fees
Hospital expenses
Diagnostic aids and laboratory tests
Consultations with first-contact physicians (including general and gynecology)
Consultations with specialty physicians

The main reason women do not have insurance is that they believe they do not need it or are simply not interested in it (28.3%). Of the population with some insurance in Mexico, 23.1% are women. ENIF 2018

How do insurance companies indemnify you?

There are two ways in which insurers can cover medical expenses:

Direct payment

The insurer settles the expenses arising from the illness or accident directly with the service provider under the agreement.


The insured makes the payment directly to the service provider, and the financial institution subsequently reimburses the expenses.


The premium, or price you pay for insurance, goes up as you get older. This is because age is one of the most important factors in figuring out how likely you are to get sick or hurt in an accident, which goes up as you get older.

In addition to age, gender, occupation, plan, hospital level, medical tab, deductible, and coinsurance also affect how much medical insurance costs.

Keep in mind that taking out a personal policy for your mother represents an additional expense, compared to family insurance, which incorporates several members of your family with the payment of a single premium. Before opting for this great gift, analyze your ability to pay. Check your budget to see if it's something you can pay for without going into a lot of debt.

What should you take into account when purchasing insurance?

Look for an insurance company that is duly registered and authorized to provide the service.

Use professional advisors to help you choose the best policy according to the needs of the person for whom the insurance is intended.

Compare not only the prices of the various medical insurances offered by insurance companies but also their coverage and features, because a few pesos difference in the competition can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy more comprehensive insurance.

Be careful with the pre-existing conditions that are mentioned in the policy. These are diseases that a person has before signing up for medical insurance, and the insurance company won't pay for them if they aren't mentioned at the time of signing up.

Analyze and know the exclusions of the policy. These vary depending on each institution.

Check the hospitals with which the insurance company has a payment agreement and to which you can have access if you wish.

Consider the medical fees tabulator, which is a list that tells you how much you can pay the treating doctor for a medical or surgical procedure.

We invite you to contact your agent to receive personalized advice that will help you choose the ideal major medical insurance plan.