Seaweed in Costa Maya: Latest on sargassum in Mahahual

Sargassum arrivals have decreased up to 83% in Mahahual. Mahahual's coastal crews collect a daily average of five tons of sargassum.

Seaweed in Costa Maya: Latest on sargassum in Mahahual
Costa Maya: Mahahual seaweed conditions at one point this season. Photo: Canal 10

The sargassum invasion is giving respite in Mahahual, allowing a tourist bonanza for the coastal community; however, service providers point out that the presence of "dummy" tourist transportation units has generated concern.

They affirm that the presence of this macroalgae has diminished so that the beaches are once again attractive for tourists arriving via cruise ships, who leave an important economic benefit for the service providers.

Just as the presence of tourists is greater, the so-called pirate transport is also increasing, a problem repeatedly denounced by the tour operators, so once again they ask the municipal, state, and federal authorities to undertake verification and surveillance operations.

Sargassum barrier poorly placed in Mahahual

The anti-seaweed barrier installed by the Navy has not produced the desired results in Mahahual, as the strategy has been mistaken, affirmed Gerardo Pérez Zafra, representative of the Coparmex in this coastal community.

In an interview, the businessman pointed out that the situation in Mahahual continues to be the same, despite the recent visit of authorities, such as the municipal president, the tourism secretary, and the Navy. "There, they listened to the feelings and desperation of the population because they are experiencing a problem that is far from being solved," he stated.

Even though Mahahual is composed of only two inlets and should be easily solved, he commented, because the Navy has not been able to close the area between the two inlets, which allows the sargassum that accumulates in the barrier to enter through.

Although 80% of the tourist zone is protected, the rest receives a critical amount that could mean the end for the businesses established there. The solution offered by the local business sector is to place the barrier as a prow, not in a straight line, to withstand the onslaught of the waves, something the Navy has not listened to. The small boats that remove the sargassum from the barrier do not do their job since a significant part of it enters and lands on the coasts.