Mahahual, Quintana Roo is reporting a new sargassum landfall, which is affecting the businesses located south of the fishermen's dock. Restaurants and businesses affected are asking for the intervention of the authorities to support the cleaning of the coast. Merchants point out that the authorities have lowered their guard in the fight against sargassum in the Costa Maya. They state that this cruise ship destination requires attention for this and other problems they face, such as garbage and insecurity.

Mahahual left without a sargassum barrier

Mahahual businessmen accused that the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) has left the Costa Maya without the barriers against sargassum, just when the most intense upwelling season is approaching. The president of the Restaurant Association of Mahahual, Luis Gómez Joaquín, stated that the businessmen are worried about the negative repercussions that the presence of the seaweed will cause in the Costa Maya.

He regretted that, after they were removed to protect them from the impact of Hurricane Grace, SEMAR has made the decision not to replace the containment barriers. "They told us that they would remove them only temporarily, but the arrival of sargassum has not concluded, so we are surprised that now SEMAR says it will not install them again, and we remind them that this was not the commitment they made to us."

The business representative affirmed that both the Federation and the Othón P. Blanco City Hall are now trying to deceive them with the argument of lack of budget to protect Mahahual's beaches from sargassum. He clarified that, although at present the sargassum stains are not abundant, the months of greatest upwelling are approaching, so it is practically a fact that the beaches will be full of seaweed and with bad odors.

"Right now there is not much sargasso, but there is still September and October and that is why it is necessary that the containment barrier be placed again; if there is another tropical system then it should be removed again, but as long as there is no threat the barrier should be installed." He affirmed that the businessmen demand that the measures to contain the seaweed be applied to generate conditions that allow the economic recovery of Mahahual, severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.