Mahahual Hopes to Rebound as Seaweed Takes a Back Seat

Discover the latest seaweed conditions in Mahahual and how it's affecting the tourism industry. Learn about the efforts being made to maintain the beaches and the impact on local businesses. Plan your trip accordingly and stay up to date with the latest information.

Mahahual Hopes to Rebound as Seaweed Takes a Back Seat
Costa Maya: Mahahual seaweed conditions at one point during the sargassum season. Photo: Canal 10

Summer is just around the corner, and the vibrant town of Mahahual is gearing up to welcome eager vacationers to its breathtaking Mayan coast. With the recent decline in tourist numbers since Easter week, the town's tourism service providers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of visitors during this period to breathe new life into their businesses and drive up demand for their services.

"While we had a decent Easter week, we are confident that the summer season will be even better. It's an extended period, and we can expect more sales to anticipate the subsequent low season. Currently, we're operating at around 30 to 35%, which barely covers our expenses. The lack of massive sargassum influx and the cleanliness of our beaches have been a saving grace, attracting local visitors and Belizeans seeking some sun and sand," explained the optimistic Rodolfo Espadas Ixte.

Ixte, the vice president of the Association of Tourist Businessmen in Mahahual, emphasized that while the sargassum situation has improved, it doesn't mean they can let their guard down. The community remains committed to keeping the beaches free from this aquatic nuisance.

Thanks to their relentless efforts, including regular cleaning days and the installation of an ingenious artisanal barrier conceived by the local business community, Mahahual has managed to counteract the economic impact caused by the massive influx of sargassum in 2022 and 2021. The measures taken this year aim to offer an even better experience to tourists, ensuring that the town's reputation remains untarnished.

"Let us not forget the havoc wreaked by sargassum in previous years and the subsequent cancellations, which led to significant losses for us. That's precisely why we take extreme precautions and work in unison to combat the arrival of sargassum. After all, tourists don't want to visit a beach destination plagued by seaweed that prevents them from enjoying the sea and emits an unbearable stench. Our cleaning brigades are crucial because our survival depends on tourism. Without visitors, we face a bleak future," added Ixte.

With a determined effort to spread the word about Mahahual's pristine beaches, the port has intensified its marketing efforts on social media platforms. The buzz generated has raised expectations among local business owners, who anticipate a successful summer season that extends beyond the traditional weekend influx.

So, if you're planning a summer getaway, consider Mahahual as your ultimate seaside destination. Rest assured, the dedicated community of Mahahual is doing everything in its power to ensure that your vacation is an unforgettable experience, free from the clutches of pesky seaweed. Pack your swimsuits, grab your sunglasses, and get ready for a sun-soaked adventure in this coastal paradise!