Los Cabos retains Blue Flag beaches under warning

During the recent Blue Flag visit, Los Cabos managed to keep the 22 certified beaches but with a warning to activate. Find out which ones here.

Los Cabos retains Blue Flag beaches under warning
Blue Flag beaches remained preserved in Los Cabos with a warning. Photo by frank mckenna / Unsplash

Jorge Alonso Meza Núñez, municipal coordinator of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) informed that the recent visit of Blue Flag was most productive since Los Cabos managed to maintain the 22 certifications. However, for this, it was necessary to call the attention of Zofemat who lowered a flag as an example so that the concessionaires would do their part.

"We decided to lower one temporarily so that the concessionaire who has not done his job well, had the opportunity to redeem himself. The truth is that they did it promptly and the next day it was up again, but I also thank our friends at Blue Flag for allowing us to make the decision as to whether or not they were doing their part, so to speak," he mentioned.

Meza Núñez emphasized that at the end of hard work it was possible to keep the 22 certified beaches, however, it required a lot of work, especially from the concessionaires, since Blue Flag made several points to improve during the visit it made in December.

He emphasized that at that time the most pointed out zones were the beaches of Cabo San Lucas since it is where there is greater affluence of tourism, but also many street workers that leave from threads to pebbles with which they make the bracelets. Although they understand that it is their source of livelihood, for Blue Flag to find 5 threads implies that the beach is not clean, and without a doubt, both factors required a great effort.

"I want to thank all my hotelier friends in Cabo San Lucas who did not leave on paper, and only in words, the work they said they were going to do and they did it excellently," he commented.

Finally, the Zofemat coordinator pointed out that they will continue working hard. With the support of the Mayor of Los Cabos, they will not skimp on actions and calls for attention to ensure the quality of the destination.