The cleanest Blue Flag beaches of Los Cabos

To our delight, 60 beaches in Mexico, including those in Los Cabos, have been given the prestigious "Blue Flag" designation for being among the cleanest in the country.

The cleanest Blue Flag beaches of Los Cabos
The best Los Cabos beaches in terms of cleanliness, as indicated by their Blue Flag status. Photo by frank mckenna / Unsplash

The good news for the municipality of Los Cabos continues; this year, the ranking of the cleanest beaches in Mexico was released, and to our surprise, 60 beaches that have the distinctive "Blue Flag" nationally, which meet the highest standards of cleanliness and sustainability, 23 are located in Los Cabos, highlighting that the first is the most visited by tourists.

Blue Flag beaches in Los Cabos

1.- Acapulquito, Los Cabos
2.- El Chileno, Los Cabos
3.- El Coromuel, La Paz
4.- El Corsario, Los Cabos
5.- El Surgidero, El Surgidero
6.- La Gaviota, Buenavista
7.- La Ribera, Los Ribera
8.- Las Viudas, Los Cabos
9.- Breathless Dune, Los Cabos
10.- Médano Casa Dorada, Los Cabos

Quality of Beaches in Mexico: The "Blue Flag" Award

According to José Manuel Larumbe Pineda, the head of the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks, this has been accomplished thanks to the collaborative efforts of all authorities, where a protocol has been implemented to verify the health quality of these spaces before, during, and after each vacation period.

Not only is Coepris sampling used as a metric to determine the grade of cleanliness of each beach; each "Blue Flag" beach has environmental professionals who undertake additional specific sampling to determine the health status of these locations.

"Blue Flag" beaches can be found all over the world, and they meet the highest requirements of cleanliness and quality.

Mexico remains the country with the cleanest beaches in Latin America, far ahead of the Dominican Republic and Brazil, which each have 22 mentions.

The award is granted by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which was founded in 1981 in Denmark and has been promoting beach cleaning internationally since 2001.