Promoting Los Cabos in Mexico and abroad

Three campaigns have been launched: Los Cabos sí o sí, Set yourself apart and Visit Los Cabos.

Promoting Los Cabos in Mexico and abroad
Los Cabos. Photo by Viviana Rishe / Unsplash

For the upcoming vacation season, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA) has launched three important campaigns aimed at attracting national and foreign tourists to visit this attractive beach resort.

In this regard, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, General Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, commented that three attractive campaigns will be launched, one in Mexico that continues to be "Los Cabos si o si", which has the best indicators in history, "that is to say per click and the numbers have grown in double digits, through which we seek to increase the number of visitors, which as always leaves a double-digit growth distributed in the different business segments of the municipality".

He also pointed out that the "Set yourself apart¨ campaign continues in the United States, which is a programmatic campaign that has been carried out in primary and secondary markets with commercial partners and directly with the consumer, attracting pages through ¨visit Los Cabos¨, where there are specific offers that the hotels themselves have been placing, as well as the tourist service providers.

He added that just like the campaign that is being carried out in Canada, taking advantage of the fact that this market is looking for offers to travel, since this tourism has not traveled for two years, due to the pandemic, and this beach resort is attractive to them since it offers one of the best options in activities such as sport fishing and golf, as well as the coarse gastronomy with which even the most demanding palate is won over.

"For the summer we also have campaigns that we are doing in Spain to take advantage of the flight that will be arriving on June 20th, they are waiting for Easter week to end and that is when they launch the strong campaigns to the consumer" Rodrigo Esponda pointed out.

He emphasized that many educational campaigns have been carried out for the European sales force, "a few days ago we just had a seminar on the destination's attractions, in the case of the United States we are going to evaluate whether we can continue with this trend for the summer, which has been very proactive, so we want to continue with this trend and continue to take advantage of the opportunities we have for differentiation", concluded the director of FITURCA Los Cabos.