Los Cabos has 37 certified beaches

There are 5 Clean and Sustainable Beaches, 5 Platinum Beaches, 5 PASSE Beaches, and 22 Blue Flag Beaches in Los Cabos.

Los Cabos has 37 certified beaches
Los Cabos beach. Image by nerdoubt from Pixabay

Thanks to the work carried out during the three years of administration of the XIII City Council presided by Armida Castro Guzmán, Los Cabos has positioned itself as a leader in Mexico by increasing and maintaining 37 beach certifications: 5 Clean and Sustainable Beaches, 5 Platinum Beaches, 5 PASSE Beaches and 22 Blue Flag Beaches, this was announced by the municipal coordinator of ZOFEMAT Los Cabos, Javier Ontiveros Fabián, who recalled that at the beginning of the XIII Administration, there were only 22 certifications: 3 Clean and Sustainable Beaches and 19 Blue Flag Beaches.

The public servant continued his participation explaining that during this third year of government, it was possible to maintain the "Clean and Sustainable Beach" certification in the five most emblematic beaches of the municipality: Acapulquito, Las Viudas, Palmilla, El Chileno and Santa Maria. This national certification is granted for a period of two years by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification (IMNC), A.C.; for this purpose, they conduct surveillance visits every year and evaluate the beaches based on the official standard NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2016, which establishes the requirements and specifications for sustainability of beach quality.

For the same 5 beaches, this year the IMNC renewed the "Playa Platino" certification, a program designed to integrate and position Mexican beaches as a worldwide reference with the objective of strengthening them in different essential axes, such as: infrastructure, safety, services, cleanliness and protection of the coastal ecosystem. In this sense, Javier Ontiveros Fabián highlighted that the municipality of Los Cabos was the first to obtain the "Platinum Beach" certification at the national level.

Likewise, the municipal coordinator of ZOFEMAT announced that in view of the current challenges faced in health and hygiene issues, the IMNC instituted a new certification called "PASSE", the purpose of this certification is to offer reliable and hygienic environments through the establishment of measures for the prevention of diseases. In accordance with the results of the evaluations carried out, the following 5 PASSE beaches were certified: Acapulquito, Palmilla, Chileno, Santa María and Las Viudas, making Los Cabos the first Mexican entity to obtain this new certification.

Similarly, the public servant recalled that in May 2021 the FEE Mexico (Foundation for Environmental Education), endorsed the certification of 22 beaches; with this result, the municipality of Los Cabos continues to be the leader in Mexico, occupying the first place, with more beach sites certified with this distinctive: Acapulquito, Palmilla, El Chileno, Santa Maria, Las Viudas, El Corsario, La Ribera, Surgidero, La Gaviota and in the Medano area in Cabo San Lucas the beaches of; Riu Santa Fe, Riu Palace, Riu Palace Baja California Sur, Villas del Palmar, Villa La Estancia, Villa el Arco, Club Cascadas de baja, Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos, Pueblo Bonito Rose, ME Cabo, Casa Dorada, Hacienda and Breathless.

To conclude, Javier Ontiveros Fabián informed that having nationally and internationally certified beaches is one of the objectives of the Municipal Development Plan of the current Public Administration, emphasizing that with all these certifications, the municipality obtains multiple benefits in the environmental, economic and social fields, by having international recognition as a tourist destination and guaranteeing that we have the safest, cleanest, most competitive and equipped beaches in the country. Finally, he acknowledged the efforts of his work team and the tireless support of Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán.