The Evolution of 'Los Ardillos' in Guerrero and Their Menacing Grip

"Los Ardillos: Guerrero's notorious criminal group. Their violence and criminal activities have plagued the region for decades. Led by the Ortega Jimenez brothers, they thrive on drug trafficking and an expanding empire.

The Evolution of 'Los Ardillos' in Guerrero and Their Menacing Grip
'Los Ardillos,' continue their reign of terror in Guerrero, leaving a trail of violence and fear in their wake. Credit: Psycho

In the dark underbelly of Guerrero, a notorious criminal group known as "Los Ardillos" has been wreaking havoc for decades. Emerging from the shadows in 2007, this organization has earned notoriety for its unrelenting violence, spreading like wildfire across the Central and Montaña Baja regions of the state.

Though primarily involved in drug trafficking, their criminal repertoire extends to extortion, piracy, robbery, and plundering, leaving a trail of chaos in their wake. At the helm of this formidable syndicate are the Ortega Jimenez brothers, carrying on their father's legacy after his untimely demise in 2011.

This article dives into the history, activities, and recent encounters of "Los Ardillos," shedding light on their audacious exploits and their alarming influence over local authorities.

The Rise of "Los Ardillos"

"Los Ardillos" found its roots under the guidance of their patriarch, Celso Ortega Rosas, better known as "La Ardilla" (The Squirrel). However, tragedy struck in 2011 when their father was brutally murdered, thrusting his sons into the spotlight and empowering them to inherit the reins of this criminal empire.

Police records reveal the current leaders of "Los Ardillos" as Celso Ortega Jimenez, alias "La Vela" (The Candle), Jorge Ivan Ortega, known as "El Barco" (The Boat), and Antonio Ortega Jimenez, nicknamed "La Perota" (The Perota). Furthermore, recent rumors implicate Irving Ortega Carballo, son of "La Vela," in the organization's activities.

It is worth noting that their brother, former PRD local deputy Bernardo Ortega Jimenez, remains unmentioned in official records, suggesting a potentially separate path from the criminal enterprise.

Expanding Influence and Territorial Reach

While "Los Ardillos" is rumored to have its central operations in Tlanicuilulco, located within the municipality of Quechultenango, reports indicate that their presence has extended to at least 11 other municipalities since 2011. Their iron grip over the region becomes apparent as their criminal empire encroaches further, establishing a stronghold within various communities.

The latest addition to their expanding dominion is the city of Chilpancingo, which has fallen victim to their nefarious activities, instilling a growing sense of fear and vulnerability among its residents.

A Chilling Encounter Reveals Connections

The unsettling tale takes a sinister turn as we delve into a recent encounter that sheds light on the brazen nature of "Los Ardillos" and their entanglement with local authorities. In June, the grisly discovery of dismembered remains in Chilpancingo sent shockwaves through the community.

Alongside the macabre scene lay a threatening message directed at Mayor Norma Otilia Hernandez. The eerie note, chillingly signed "your friend," made references to a promised second breakfast, hinting at a deeply unsettling relationship between the mayor and the criminal syndicate.

Further investigation into the narco message revealed a startling revelation: Mayor Hernandez had indeed met with Celso Ortega Jimenez, one of the leaders of "Los Ardillos." The rendezvous took place at the restaurant "La Cabañita," located at the entrance to the community of San Martin in the municipality of Quechultenango, an area that has become a stronghold for the criminal organization. This clandestine meeting occurred in October 2021, shortly after Hernandez assumed her mayoral duties, raising questions about the possible connections between local authorities and the notorious crime group.


"Los Ardillos" remains a powerful criminal force that has established its reign of terror in Guerrero's Central and Montaña Baja regions. Operating with brazen audacity, this organization, led by the Ortega Jimenez brothers, thrives on drug trafficking and an extensive range of criminal activities.

Their territorial reach continues to expand, encompassing multiple municipalities and striking fear into the hearts of those residing within their domains. The chilling revelation of a breakfast meeting between Mayor Hernandez and one of the leaders of "Los Ardillos" underscores the deeply entrenched connections between criminal elements and local governance, posing a grave challenge to the rule of law.

As the battle against organized crime intensifies, Guerrero's authorities face an uphill struggle in their quest to dismantle the nefarious grip of "Los Ardillos" and restore peace and security to the region.

Mayor Norma Otilia Hernandez's alleged meeting with a prominent 'Los Ardillos' leader raises troubling questions about the relationship between local authorities and criminal syndicates.