López and Carballo Strike Silver at World Cup in Poznan

Mexican rowers Alexis López and Miguel Carballo snag silver at World Rowing Cup in Poland! It's a historic moment for the duo as they gear up for the Paris 2024 Olympics. This medal adds to their achievements, including a Pan Am gold and World Championship qualification for Paris.

López and Carballo Strike Silver at World Cup in Poznan
Mexican Rowing Duo Oars to Silver at World Cup! (Mexico's Alexis López and Miguel Carballo celebrate their silver medal win at the World Rowing Cup in Poland). Credit: CONADE

They say good things come in twos, and for Mexican rowing, that adage has never rung truer. In the heart of Poznań, Poland, the dynamic duo of Alexis López and Miguel Carballo propelled their names into rowing history, securing a well-deserved silver medal at the World Rowing Cup III.

This wasn't just any podium finish, though. It was a culmination of relentless dedication, strategic finesse, and a dash of that undeniable Mexican magic. López and Carballo sliced through the waters with a time of 6:36.15 minutes, putting on a display of pure athletic prowess. While the French team ultimately claimed gold (hearty congratulations to Hugo Beurey and Ferdinand Ludwig!), the silver shimmered brightly for Mexico.

But medals are merely the tip of the iceberg. For Carballo, this podium finish was a watershed moment. "For me, it is the first time I have been on a podium in a World Cup, we know that the first time is not forgotten and that we are going to want more results like this; even though the participation was small, the French are very, and I see it as important to compete against strong teams, to continue learning," said Miguel Carballo. He acknowledges the "reduced participation" but emphasizes the significance of competing against such formidable opponents. "These French crews are top-notch," he says, "and every race is a lesson learned, a stepping stone to rowing greatness."

López, ever the optimist, echoes the sentiment. "I feel very happy to continue making history in Mexican rowing, the truth is that this medal 40 days from Paris is a boost for us, so I am very happy for this silver medal in this third Cup of the world", he declares. This medal, just 40 days shy of Paris, sure is a morale booster.

The Baja Californian doesn't shy away from acknowledging the village behind the victory. "For us, this medal represents all the work we have been doing, as well as my partner Miguel, coach, my family and our multidisciplinary team; to be able to achieve results of this level requires a lot of time or dedication and more than anything "It is the fruit of what we have been working on."

This World Cup triumph adds another glittering chapter to Mexico's rowing odyssey. It's a story brimming with double the pride, considering Kenya Lechuga's well-deserved bronze in the women's lightweight single sculls. Each stroke, each victory, is a powerful stride towards the ultimate goal: the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Remember, López and Carballo are no strangers to the Olympic spotlight. They secured a historic qualification for Paris at the 2023 World Rowing Championships, and their golden triumph at the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago solidified their status as rowing royalty.

As the world gears up for the Parisian extravaganza, one thing is certain: México (Mexico) will be watching with bated breath, cheering on their heroes as they chase Olympic glory. So buckle up, rowing aficionados, because this Mexican duo is here to stay, and their journey is only just beginning.