Legend of the Kissing Alley in Guanajuato

This story refers to Carmen, who was the only daughter of a hard and violent man who forbade her to love Luis, a handsome young miner from the town.

Legend of the Kissing Alley in Guanajuato
Legend of the Kissing Alley in Guanajuato. Photo by Annette Sousa / Unsplash

Every person who visits Guanajuato should undoubtedly visit the Kissing Alley, because this place besides having very beautiful colonial architecture is also magical, this due to a very special legend that took place in that alley. This story refers to Carmen, who was the only daughter of a hard and violent man who forbade her to love Luis, a handsome young miner from the town.

While Carmen was being courted by Luis in a church close to her home, he offered her to drink holy water from his hand (this was a very intimate act for those times) and when Carmen's father discovered it, he subjected her to a punishment, the worst for a loving heart, imprisonment and with it the threat of sending her to a convent, and then marrying her in Spain to an old and rich nobleman, known to her father, who besides ensuring the future of his daughter would increase her wealth.

Miss Carmen and her lady-in-waiting Doña Brígida wept and implored together for mercy for such an abominable fate, a marriage arranged with a stranger. However, Carmen's father did not give them any respite and before leaving, Carmen and Brigida agreed that the latter would take a letter to Don Luis in which he explained to Carmen how great his love was, his sorrow, and the decisions made by his father.

The young man in love tried to find a way out of this unfortunate destiny, but as everyone knows, destiny is drawn by oneself and so Luis visited the street where Carmen's house was located and fortunately for him, her window looked out onto a narrow alley so narrow that it was possible to look out of the window and touch the wall in front of it.

But there was a great inconvenience, he had to access the house across the street to see and talk to his beloved and thus both find a solution to their problem. Without wasting any more time Luis gathered his savings and rented the house, (although the cost of the house was very high for his economy, the lover thought that love was priceless, therefore the simple fact of being able to be near his beloved was worth it) and it was thus that his life took a different direction.

Carmen was serving her punishment locked up in her room and leaning out on her balcony when suddenly she saw Luis who was standing in front of her at such a short distance that he could touch her hand.

When the lovers saw each other, they did not hesitate to show each other all the love they felt and they kissed from balcony to balcony, when suddenly in the distance they heard an annoying cry of anger and it was when they looked that they realized that it was Carmen's father who was fighting with Brigida, who was doing the impossible to prevent her master from entering his wife's bedroom.

Carmen's father, blinded by anger, threw Brigida to the ground and ran to the balcony where he saw with bitterness the scene of love between Carmen and Luis. Such was the impulse with which he charged his daughter that with a dagger in his hand and a single blow, he tried to stop him from reaching Luis.

Luis was speechless because the warm hand of his beloved was still in his hands, and he noticed how little by little the woman he adored was losing her life in front of him without being able to do anything. In the face of the inevitable, Luis left a tender kiss on that smooth and pale hand, now lifeless.

Legend has it that every couple that visits this place must kiss under the balconies of the lovers in the alley of the kiss to have seven years of love and good fortune, otherwise, they will suffer the loss of that love. This makes Kissing Alley a wonderful and mystical place in Guanajuato that you cannot miss.