Learn how to manage stress the right way

Stress in your life may be caused by the food you consume, the thoughts you think, and the way you conduct your life. This is the solution to the problem.

Learn how to manage stress the right way
Find healthy methods of dealing with stress. Photo by Christian Erfurt / Unsplash

Stress, anxiety, and depression have skyrocketed in the population due to the pandemic, economic problems, negative news, the speed at which we live, and other factors that are triggers of these diseases of the century; however, people could also create the factors to suffer them and that lead to cardiovascular diseases, mental crises, and cancer, among others.

Dr. Noemi Pinto Rodríguez, neuropsychologist, educator, and academic at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG), explains that it is not only external factors that affect our state of mind but also what we do causes or worsens stress.

The doctor points out that stress is important in our lives, it helps us to perform tasks, and understand the importance of situations and the people we relate with; it impacts the roles and maturity of human beings, it is part of their nature; the problem, if stress is persistent, will appear in the long term and it is due to how we handle it, we allow it to influence us and our decisions.

Find healthy methods of dealing with stress

"This may be due to how we behave, vices or habits in which we have no control," said the UAG expert.

We can generate stress because of the lifestyles we lead due to:

Sleeping too little
Working with little rest or distraction
Physical injury
Untreated pain
Short-term or chronic illnesses
Asthma or improper breathing habits

It is also important to pay attention to how we feed the body and excesses also generate stress. Some substances that when consumed in excess are harmful are:


Furthermore, we must pay attention to how we control our mental and behavioral states, such as:

Having irrational ideas
Making self-reproaches
Acting in haste
Excessive ambition
Competing for everything

With these data, the doctor recommends regulating stress, knowing our habits, and changing the bad ones, many times the way we start the day is one of the determining factors of the behavior that we will have throughout the day. Therefore, it is good to do the following before, during and after arriving home:

Learn to breathe to relax; breathing plays a very important factor in our mood and our brain.
Change the focus to have positive thoughts.
Perform activities that help us to relax body and mind such as singing and dancing or other entertainment.
Promote positive critical thinking, reflection, gratitude and focus on the present.
Eating healthy.

Another recommendation is to modify thoughts and if necessary attend psychotherapy, and perform manual activities that relax and help to focus better. Exercising and having fun are two of the best tools to improve our mood and reduce stress.