VIDEO: Jaguar kills and devours a crocodile in Tulum

A jaguar killed and ate a crocodile in Tulum after a hard fight, a situation that was captured on video.

One of the most shocking fights was captured on video by an amateur in Tulum, where a jaguar and a crocodile had an epic confrontation in the water, which after several minutes left the cat as the winner, who as a prize devoured the reptile, demonstrating its strength as well as skill in any type of terrain, no matter the rival.

In this video of four minutes and two seconds, you can see from the first shot the jaguar carefully approaching where the crocodile is, always being careful in each of its steps, silently stalking its prey, which is completely distracted, ignoring the danger. As the recording progresses, you can see how this hungry jaguar manages to get to where the crocodile is by getting right on top of it, crouching down, waiting for the exact moment to attack it.

The most surprising scene in this video is undoubtedly when the jaguar throws itself into the water over the reptile, starting the fight for survival, as happens at all times among wild animals. After several minutes of fighting, the jaguar manages to give the crocodile a lethal bite, taking its life and then dragging it out of the water to begin to devour it.

These types of videos are of high value, because the jaguar is currently an endangered species.

Among its main threats are the deforestation of its habitat, increasing competition for food with humans, poaching, hurricanes in the northern part of its distribution, and confrontations with cattle ranchers, who often kill them in areas where they hunt cattle because, when they adapt to the prey, it has been proven that they hunt cattle as an important part of their diet. However, deforestation to create pasture areas is a problem for the species.