IPN students create a robot that seeks and rescue people

Students of the IPN created a robot to help the emergency and rescue groups during a natural disaster.

IPN students create a robot that seeks and rescue people
Photo: Contexto de Durango

A group of students from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) created a robot, light and resistant with the ability to locate people trapped under the rubble.

The prototype called the Arachnid Robot for Search and Rescue of People (RDB-10) has three sensors that detect sound, temperature, and distance of the space where the person is trapped.

The temperature sensor registers values that range from minus 50 to 120 degrees centigrade.

The device responsible for sound detects up to 400 decibels in a perimeter of three meters.

The distance sensor works according to the robot's progress between the debris, the three values are analyzed in real-time by the robot operator.

The prototype is designed to help emergency and rescue groups during a natural disaster and works through a mobile device with Bluetooth, using the Android operating system.

It has four legs driven by 12 servo motors to facilitate the operator's movements in the disaster area. Use lithium batteries and power bands that can be recharged and thus extend the search time.

The limbs were made in a 3D printer, for which a material called polymer similar to plastic was used.

The robot designed by the students Daniel Aranda Rosales, Diana Patricia Arreguín Jasso, César Isaac Cruz Pérez, Ernesto Alonso Guadarrama Valle, Luis Giovanni Mejia Tovar, Diana Melo Bautista, Juan Francisco Monreal Toscano, Luis Eduardo Moreno Cano, Yesenia Miroslava Palestina Oliva and Alex Rodrigo Sandoval Villa, from the Center for Scientific and Technological Studies (Cecyt) No. 1 "Gonzalo Vázquez Vela. They counted on the advice of Professor Alma Rosa Álvarez Chávez.