Inside Janeth Gómez Valdivia's Pursuit of Olympic Dreams

Follow Janeth Gómez Valdivia's quest for Olympic qualification as she prepares to compete in the World Cup of Weightlifting. With unwavering determination and sacrifices made, she aims to secure her spot at the Paris 2024 Olympics, facing both external rivals and inner demons along the way.

Inside Janeth Gómez Valdivia's Pursuit of Olympic Dreams
Janeth Gómez Valdivia, weightlifter known as 'La Guerrera Azteca', prepares to lift at the World Cup of Weightlifting. Credit: CONADE

Protagonist of an outstanding process towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, weightlifter Janeth Gómez Valdivia declared herself ready to try to seal her qualification for the great event when this Wednesday at 6:00 a.m. (Central Mexican time), she enters into action in the World Cup of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), held in Phuket, Thailand.

“I feel prepared, ready, and hungry. Some mental and other physical things had to be polished, but it is being achieved, and I have the desire, I want and need to get that Olympic pass because I have worked very hard, as well as other athletes have done. With all my heart, I wish that qualification, and with God's hand it will be achieved, I know it and I believe it because we have worked very hard to reach this last event we have to close in the best possible way,” she said.

“You can expect someone who will be fighting and leaving his heart on the stage to fulfill the Olympic dream. Stay tuned because 'La Guerrera Azteca' is going to give her all, of that there will be no doubt. I will give my heart, body and soul to achieve my goal”, she assured.

With a total of 223 kilograms, the champion of the First Grand Prix 2023 is in ninth place in the 59 kilograms category, so she will try to reaffirm herself among the top 10 to secure her ticket to her first summer competition.

“I think and believe that the key will be a good strategy in the competition; I mean to play with the numbers and lifts, achieve my six attempts and do my best not to fail any of them. That way I can have a good tournament and result for my total to keep me in the top 10,” he considered.

“My biggest rival in the competition will be myself, to overcome myself and also that ghost that wants to haunt me. I have a very clear objective, which is to obtain the Olympic quota,” she added.

The double silver medalist in the Central American Games San Salvador 2023 was part of the Mexican team that carried out a demanding camp of more than 20 days in China, with a view to the arduous confrontations that will represent the last qualifier for Paris 2024.

“I focused on my strength training, mentally, on what else I should do and what I should add to my habits to arrive in the best condition for this World Cup. I worked on technical details in my snatch and pull-up,” she explained.

Finally, the Jalisco native took the opportunity to thank all the people who have supported her not only during her Olympic process, but also throughout her entire journey since she decided to take the high performance path.

“In every lift, step, training, every moment I left my daughter, every thing I had to change in my habits, every person who was supporting me, every grain that was adding in my life during the process, has always been the goal to launch me for the Olympic place,” she concluded.