Ana Gabriela López Ferrer's Quest for Olympic Qualification

In the electrifying World Cup of the International Weightlifting Federation, Ana Gabriela López Ferrer shines despite setbacks, showcasing her prowess and determination as she vies for a coveted spot in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Ana Gabriela López Ferrer's Quest for Olympic Qualification
Ana Gabriela López Ferrer, the Mexican weightlifter, competes fiercely in the International Weightlifting Federation's World Cup, aiming for a spot in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Credit: CONADE

Mexican weightlifter Ana Gabriela López Ferrer, starred in an electrifying competition at the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Cup, after taking ninth place overall at the event taking place in Phuket, Thailand, the last competition eligible to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The athlete from Veracruz was part of Group B in the 49 kg category, where she won first place in the snatch with 87 kg, fifth place in the 100 kg rebound, as well as second place in the total with 187 kg.

The gold medal went to North Korea's Song Gum Ri, with 221 kilograms, followed by China's Zhihui Hou and Huihua Jiang, with 217 and 208, respectively.

Before the competition held in Asian territory, Lopez Ferrer was in eleventh position in the Olympic ranking with the 188 kilograms she lifted at the Pan American Championship Caracas 2024; however, once the day's activities were over, she fell to twelfth place in the list.

Even though only the top 10 in each division will be present in Paris 2024, the international multi-medalist still has a chance to compete in her second great event because countries such as China, Thailand, South Korea and Japan could exceed the allowed quota of qualifiers, so they would be forced to make a cut of weightlifters who would go through the Olympic places beyond the tenth place.

In the same competition, Andrea De La Herrán Martínez was active in the same category as López Ferrer, in which she registered 78 kg in the snatch, 95 kg in the lunge and 173 kg in the total.

During the first day of the IWF World Cup, Víctor Badur Güemez Cel also competed in the 61 kg Group C, where he took second place in the three categories: 117 kg in the snatch, 145 kg in the kick-off and 262 kg in the total.

The Mexican team will continue its participation in the world championship this Wednesday with Janeth Gómez Valdivia, who will try to stay in the Olympic qualification zone, as well as Daphne Guillén Vázquez in the same division and Jorge Adán Cárdenas Estrada, in the 73 kilograms.